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Though she may have the face of an angel, Corissa claims to be a “bad girl.” “Bad girls don’t play by the rules,” explains the 33-24-34 Capricorn cutie. “I would also venture to say that real bad girls have a tendency to break the law. Oh, and they always go after bad boys.” Guys, are you getting all this? Do you think you’re bad enough and yet have the “goods” to keep Corissa satisfied? If so, read on!

So, do you consider yourself to be a good girl or a bad girl?Well, I did earn the title of “Naughty NOS Girl,” so you be the judge.

Are you spontaneous? Or do you play by the rules?I like to be spontaneous. I’m still young, so now is the perfect time to live my life that way. I’ve gotta get it out of my system before I have kids.

Have you ever role played during sex? If not, would you ever consider doing so? Sorry, but I don’t like to kiss and tell.

Which part of your body do you consider to be your best feature?My eyes, definitely.

If you were stranded on a deserted island for six months, would you want to be stranded with a man or woman?I would have to say that I’d rather be stranded with a man. I mean, I know another woman and I would have a lot of fun together, but when it comes down to complete satisfaction, I would need my man.

What’s your weakness?Chocolate!

Where do you like to hang out?I mostly like to just go to one of my friend’s houses and hang out with a few people. We’ll normally just hang out and play some Rock Band, or watch some football and drink a few beers. And we also have the occasional barbecue. It’s good times.

Do you like to hang more with guys or girls?I would say that probably 95-percent of my friends are guys. It’s always been that way. I think that it’s because I was more of a tomboy when I was younger. I just get along with guys much better. Girls can be too catty and judgmental.

Do you go there to find a hook-up or just to have fun?I don’t really ever go somewhere looking to find a hook-up. I’m the type of person who believes that good things are more likely to come when you’re not searching for them.

Have you ever had a one-night stand?No. I’m a relationship type of girl.