Erika Medina is a 21-year-old Mexicana who’s making a name for herself on the local SoCal modeling scene. This 34/26/32 femme fatale is one of the Loma Azul Tequila girls. Though she’s blessed with beauty and brains, let’s face it, she also has plenty going on from the neck down. We appreciate Erika taking the time to answer a few of our loaded questions. You go, girl.

LRM: Would you ever pose nude?Erika: Never… say never.

LRM: What is your definition of the “ideal” man?Erika: Nice smile, sense of humor, sexy and confident.

LRM: What’s the best pick-up line that you’ve ever heard?Erika: Pick-up lines don’t work for me.

LRM: How do you keep in shape?Erika: I’m going to start working out soon. You made me feel fat with that question. I just threw out my year’s supply of chimichangas.

LRM: What’s more important to you-money, romance or honesty?Erika: Honesty and romance.

LRM: How many boyfriends have you had?Erika: One.

LRM: A lot of men are confused about women and the way that the act. If anything, they act as slutty as men do. Can you help us out and define what the new age woman is all about?Erika: I don’t go for the slutty thing to get attention. I have a different way of getting attention.

LRM: Have you ever been to jail?Erika: Does it count when you visit people?

LRM: If your man was ever locked up, would you stick around or would you cheat?Erika: I would never cheat.

LRM: What’s your favorite car?Erika: An Infiniti G35.

LRM: Who would you rather have your man cheat with if you had to pick-a “torta,” “flauta” or “gordita”?Erika: He would have to upgrade me with someone better and that’s going to be hard to do. I’m one in a million.

LRM: A big “package” is important. When it comes to endowment, do you prefer a bank account or heart?Erika: (Laughs) A big heart.