Carmen Palumbo was born in Long Beach, California, on March 8, 1972 to Tony and Mariana Palumbo. She grew up in the beautiful city of Huntington Beach, California. Carmen’s mother is Ecuadorian, her father is Italian and she has one younger sister named Karen. Carmen was always fascinated by the beautiful people on TV. She dreamt of becoming a private investigator like the ladies of Charlie’s Angels or a Solid Gold dancer. She also had a tremendous love for animals that has continued through her adult life.

Carmen began modeling at the age of 21 for Miller Beer as a ring girl. Doing countless promotions, she finally was asked to shoot a number of posters for Miller Brewing Company. Since then, she has done many posters, calendars, magazines and trading cards. She also received a lot of work from the Spanish markets and eventually landed a guest spot for Los Angeles En Vivo. After those eight weeks w-ere over, she was asked to be the VJ for Que Buena TV.

That is where Carmen found what she really wanted to do. In her two years at Que Buena, she was able to refine her skills as a TV host. During this time, she began doing infomercials to fill in the off days. This also gave her a tremendous amount of experience and she was finally able to host spots in English. She then went on to guest host E!, Extra, Thunderdome and many more popular shows.

Carmen moved to Arizona in 2003 and started her own show in both English and Spanish called, Where It’s Hot In The AZ! The show aired for 20 weeks and gave her the behind the scenes experience that she was looking for to grow in the industry. She has done a number of new shows since then. She enjoys all of the TV work that she receives, but her favorites are the entertainment shows.

Newly single, Carmen was given a wonderful opportunity to work on The Dating Factory at SiTV with Mario Lopez. She hopes to continue working on shows that make people laugh and have a great time. She still lives in Arizona with her five dogs, three cats and two potbelly pigs. She continues to work in both Arizona and California as a TV host, and a spokesperson for several different companies.

Carmen plans to move back to the beautiful weather, family and friends of Southern California in the spring of 2007. Her biggest dream is to do a TV show that can include her love of animals. Until then, you never know where you might see her, but you will always see her passion for the job that she loves.