She’s smooth, sultry and oh so sexy, but there’s more to see and learn about Kristina Wade. She’s creating a name in the industry, breaking down doors and making moves that we’re used to seeing from only seasoned professionals. You might have seen her in music videos and various magazines, but get ready to put a name with the face as this young woman from San Pedro, California, is determined to make it big and live the lifestyle that accompanies it.

How old are you? And what’s your sign?

I’m 21 years old and I’m a Gemini.

What do you do right now?

I go to school and major in psychology.

What do you plan for yourself in the future?

I plan on being very successful in life. I have a lot of goals, but I’m taking them one step at a time. Soon enough, I’m going to venture off into acting and singing.

What’s your flavor when it comes to cars? Do you like low-lows, bombs or luxury cars?

I love lowriders, but for me, I have to roll in a luxury ride just because they’re more reliable. But find me a reliable lowrider and you’ll find me dippin’!

How long have you been modeling?

Since I was 17 years old.

What’s the most famous line that you’ve ever heard in a song that pertains to lowriding?

Hmmm… it’s gotta be the song from War. My mom used to bump that all of the time.

What videos have you worked on?

I’ve done a lot of videos, but the one that stand out is the one from Keisha Cole and Kanye West. The latest one that I did was the Ray J. video. I was the main girl and did a shower scene with him.

Damn! Sounds enticing.

Yeah, it was a really sexy scene and I loved it. It was very sexual and he was really cool to work with.

What do you look for in a man?

I want them to be funny. He has to make me laugh and there has to be something that strikes me. It might be the eyes, the hair or just the way that he dresses, but he has to catch my eye and keep my attention.

It’s that easy, huh?

No. He also has to be confident and treat me really well, but not too well. I want a man who will stand up for what he believes and someone who isn’t afraid to argue with me and stand up for what he believes in. I have to be able to learn from him and grow with him.

So you need a sensitive jerk?

Yes! Exactly! But he has to be more nice than insensitive.

In that case, go to your room now! And we don’t want to see you until tomorrow! [just kidding] What’s the worst pickup line that you’ve ever heard?

The worst one has to be, “Are your feet tired because you’ve been running through my mind all day long.”

Okay, yeah, that’s really corny.

Yeah it is. The funny thing is he was all serious and kept on trying to run his game. It was sad.

On a Friday night where you could we find you?

Probably just chillin’ at home trying to let loose with some friends.

Give us three things that most people don’t know about you.

I can be stubborn. I love people to look at me. I’m always on the go.

Are you single?

Yes, I am.

How’d your last relationship end?

I ended it.

Got any words for him?

Thank you and look at me now.

How’d you get all that booty? Is that from your mom or dad’s side?

It’s from both. My father’s family is from Oklahoma and mom’s mother is German and Black. Everyone has booty in the family.

If you were an ice cream flavor what would you be?

Probably Cookies and Cream because I got a mix of chocolate and vanilla in me.