When it comes to running thangs (not things) in Texas, then there’s only one person who does it best and that’s Annie Leon. She literally runs game on city streets and rolls deep with women who share the same beauty, intelligence and sophistication. Annie loves video games, shoots the hoop and claims Houston as not only her home but her life. She’s got the skills to pay massive bills and, as the interview dictates, she’s far from your average girl next door.

But entailed in such a small package is a woman with enough charm to get you all twinkly-eyed, yet with enough attitude to keep you on your toes. Annie’s about her “paper” and this gem has a squad of females that even “50” would “jock.” So here she is! Enjoy!

Okay, we’ve known you for a while and you always always always have an entourage of girls with you. If we didn’t know you better, we’d think that you were a madam or a pimp. Why do you roll so deep?

Ha, that’s funny. I love all of my girlfriends, and no I’m not miss madam [laughing], but basically I love to party and there’s no one else but my ladies that I like to play with, and when I have fun, I have fun, and when I do, I do. I don’t wait around for guys to buy me drinks so I don’t have a problem with buying rounds to enjoy the night.

What’s the most amount of girls that you’ve ever rolled with?

Wow, it could be anywhere from like one or two, or even shutting down a club thanks to this myspace thingy.

Being that you’re a women, and you obviously know them best, give us men some advice on how to roll deep like you. And how to get them hooked. Can you help?

I never really looked at it like that. I never really ask anybody to go out. It usually starts with “what r u doin’ tonite?” via text message and the next thing you know, there’s 50 girls meeting at my house, literally.

You’ve been to L.A., NYC and you live in Texas. Is it true that everything’s bigger in Texas? Because personally we think that L.A. would rock your world.

Don’t mess with Texas. The South is on a whole other level. We about the azz!

Houston is my home and I’m never leaving, not even for my career.

Give us five things that most men don’t know about you.

I’m definitely not a girlie girl. I love basketball. I’m the Pop-a-shot champ at Jillian’s (laughing) and I play video games. My tattoos are meaningless and only explain my drunken night. Call me a hater, but my girlfriends are mine [wink]; just kidding! I drive a big truck. Oh, and I’m not Chinese, I get that a lot.

Give us a list of things that guys do wrong when picking up on women.

Ummm, let’s see, pick-up lines don’t work for me and don’t ever start out with “psssssssst” or “say lil’ mama.” There’s nothing flattering about that.

We’ve heard that you’re a “switch-hitter.” Give us some advice on pleasing women. Please!

No answer.

Don’t worry, we’re bi-sexual, too. If you “buy” us something, we’ll get sexual. But seriously, though, does money matter when it comes to dating a guy?

No, money doesn’t matter, but a broke azz does.

We hear that your violent. Give us a story about your style. Do you stick and move, or just stick, stick and stick?

Okay, now it only happened once or twice… well, see what happened was… just kidding. I do have a temper, but you have to really really really make me mad in order for me to do something, but I would say just “stick.”

What’s the one thing that any man can do to improve his game?

Be polite. It shocks us sometimes.

It’s Friday night. Where can we find you? Chillin’ or partying it up?

It depends on what I got going on Saturday. I live it up but handle all of my own responsibilities. I’ve got my priorities pretty straight. That means just one drink!