Angelina Zamora was born and raised in Texas. Angelina has had dreams of moving to L.A. to pursue a career in modeling and acting since the early age of four. She finished her bachelor’s degree in Business Management while in Texas, but immediately decided to followed her dreams to Southern California.
Angelina’s love for lowriders sets her apart from many of the other models in her category. She religiously reads LRM and frequents car shows not only to meet fans, but also to admire the custom rides on display. Growing up, her walls were decorated with the centerfolds of LRM’s “Lowrider of the Month.” Her first car was a ’68 Chevy Impala, not her dream car seeing as though it was a four-door sedan. She eventually sold the car and purchased another ’68 Impala. This time a nice two-door fastback with a flaked-out candy apple red paint job! The aforementioned moved to L.A. forced her to sell the ride because there was only room for her 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo at her new place.
This girl actually gets her hands dirty and works on her cars herself! Angelina single-handedly changed the brakes on her Monte Carlo before making that 25-hour drive! She also did some mechanical work on her Impala when she still owned it.
Aside from the lowrider scene, Angelina is also a player for this year’s Lingerie Football League for the Dallas Desire team. Look for an upcoming trading card distributed by She has appeared in many music videos for artists such as the Kottonmouth Kings with Cypress Hill, Stone Sour, and P. Diddy featuring Nicole just to name a few. Our Texas readers are sure to have seen her on a few of the local commercials running. Recently, her backside was prominently displayed all over the Los Angeles area on the 97.9 La Raza billboards for El Cuycuy de la Manana.
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