They say that beauty is only skin deep, but, c’mon, let’s be real. My mom once told me that you have a choice when it comes to dating. You can either date a rubber tree or a rose. A rubber tree has strong roots and a strong foundation, though no one will ever really look at it and they usually walk on by because it’s not appealing or sensual to the eye. A rose, on the other hand, is beautiful with shallow roots, and all the meanwhile, everyone wants to look at it, touch it, and go out of their way to pull it from its home.
But you know what? Screw that. There’s a certain amount of truth to what she said, but we’d rather hunt around for a rose with rubber tree roots and we’re sure that you do to. Is there such a thing? They’re few and far between, but Nina Mercedez is a perfect example of a woman with the beauty of a rose and the strong-rooted foundation of a rubber tree. She’s as solid as they come, and when it comes to beauty, she’s the Southern California Latin sensation who’s taken over the World Wide Web as well as the publishing industry.Nina’s voluptuous, charming, intellectual and surprisingly sincere. But beyond the superficial needs, we can already see from gawking at her pictures that she’s a kind-hearted woman who deserves the success and fame that she’s achieved. In this special issue, Nina already has an advice column, and she recently came out in our Best-Of Radicals issue. She graced the covers of more than a dozen titles and this is just the beginning.
Nina’s an instant hit and there’s no stopping her so indulge your mind with the responses in her column and feast your eyes on the beauty and feel the heat that this Latin doll brings. And be sure to point your cursor at for more of Nina.