Brooke is a 23-year-old beauty who’s on the fast track. L.A. born and raised, Brooke started her career as a video “ho,” but has broken out of the ranks and is now snagging the crme de la crme of jobs. Beginning with VSOP commercials with Snoop and Archbishop Don “Magic” Juan, and recently the covers of Lowrider with Ice Cube, Brooke’s million-mega-watt smile is doing big things.
Brooke’s five years of hustle is finally paying dividends. With hobbies like shopping and fine dining, it’s a good thing, since we know how much women love to spend. Brooke works off those calories by working out and getting her roll on roller-skating.When it comes to thrills, Brooke is an amusement park fiend and has been known to spend an entire day bouncing from ride to ride; certainly a sight to behold, we’re sure. Look for Brooke to be around for quite a while, and we’ll be photographing this beauty again for sure.