Just read an excerpt from one of Betcee May’s online modeling profiles (www.betcee.com): “Nekkid twirling, swirling daisy fairy girl skipping and tripping barefoot through mud, blue glass, hearts and chocolate… I am lazily eager, inspired and sleeping most of the time. I will eat anything. Play the guitar for me and I am yours. I come from wild hippie free-flowing, amazingly brilliant and wonderful parents. I was born in a barn on 80 acres of trees and daisies. Coming out, I was early, backwards and not breathing… I make up for it now.”

“I have been everywhere and still nowhere somehow. Quiet. Analytical. Emotional. Passionate. Sensual. Raw. Alive. Bruised. Wanderer. Spontaneous. Maternal. Hungry. Dreamer. Playful. Tree-hugger. Tree-climber. Mud wrestler. I love my dog. I look like my mom. I moisturize with olive oil. I am secretly… Look me in the eyes and I will tell you anything. I fall in love every day. I am here to make magic, to find inspiration and create it… let’s shoot!” Shoot we did, and Betcee May’s magic can be felt all of the way through the camera lens to the printed page.