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Jose “Speedy” Vasquez always dreamed of building something different. He wanted something unique and uncommon and in turn wanted to exercise his creative freedom but not follow form. So while his fellow Amigos Car Club members were building Impalas and Cadillacs, he opted to keep the ’90s alive by restoring a 1992 Chevy Caprice.

1992 chevrolet caprice passenger side view

“I always loved the style of the bubbletop Caprice,” Speedy says. In fact, he loved it so much that he bought one, built it out, and long before getting to fully enjoy it, his car met an early demise when it was involved in an accident in 2000. With the car considered a total loss, it would have broken the spirits of your average man, but not for Speedy. Instead, he went out and immediately started searching for its replacement.

1992 chevrolet caprice black magic pumps

After a short search, he found another Caprice, and with his with keys in hand, he decided to start from the ground up and do a complete frame-off restoration. The project started off at Guero’s Customs where they doused the car with a two-stage Speedway Blue paintjob, highlighted by pinstriping, which is found throughout the car-including the engine, trunk, and undercarriage. From there, the 100-spoke Galaxy Wire Wheels would also be painted to match the vehicle’s color scheme while the original 1992 Chevy 305 was painted and chromed out. For height adjustment, a custom Black Magic two-pump chrome setup with three dumps and six batteries would act as the soul of the system while the interior and trunk would be upgraded with two-tone seats covered in vinyl and cloth inserts.

With the car complete, it’s a sight to cherish, but when asked about his advice to fellow lowriders, Speedy reminds us that “we all run across speed bumps during our builds. Just remember it’s never the end of the road.”

1992 chevrolet caprice radiator support 1992 chevrolet caprice pinstriping graphics 1992 chevrolet caprice 305 pulley

1992 Chevrolet Caprice


Jose “Speedy” Vazquez

1992 chevrolet caprice jose speedy vazquez

Car Club

Las Vegas, NV

1992 chevrolet caprice 305 motor

1992 Chevy 305 was painted in matching paint and chrome accents

Updated 2001 interior with two-toned blue seats in vinyl and cloth inserts

1992 chevrolet caprice backseat

Guero’s Customs applied a two-stage Speedway Blue with highlighting pinstripe lines

Black Magic two-pump chrome setup with three dumps and six batteries

1992 chevrolet caprice galaxy wire wheel

Power Coated 100-spoke Galaxy Wire Wheels


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Eazy Duz It Car Club’s Appreciation Barbecue http://www.lowrider.com/events/eazy-duz-it-car-clubs-appreciation-barbecue/ http://www.lowrider.com/events/eazy-duz-it-car-clubs-appreciation-barbecue/#respond Thu, 20 Oct 2016 19:45:28 +0000 http://www.lowrider.com/?p=207554 Eazy Duz It Car Club's way of showing their appreciation for all they put up with.

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Our December issue is our all-LS issue and I was using one of my “tools” (aka Instagram) to look for lowriders with LS motors in them. In came a DM from Keo Sanh showing me a badass 1964 rag with an LS motor. I definitely wanted to shoot it but he was all the way up in Seattle and I’m in Southern California. They were planning on bringing the car down to our Las Vegas Super Show so we decided to do the shoot then. After meeting in Vegas, Keo invited me to their annual barbecue. Since we don’t have much presence in the Northwest I agreed to go out.

eazy duz it car club appreciation bbq 64 quarter panel eazy duz it car club appreciation bbq yellow 64 front end eazy duz it car club appreciation bbq silver 64

The barbecue wasn’t necessarily like the ones in Cali; it was smaller and more intimate. Later I found out that they keep the barbecue small because the barbecue is meant to show the club members’ families their appreciation. As we all know, to build a car it takes many late nights in the garage away from the family while draining the well dry. This is Eazy Duz It Car Club’s way of showing their appreciation for all they put up with. So keep riding, keep grilling, and most of all keep appreciating your loved ones for accepting your crazy car addiction.

eazy duz it car club appreciation bbq eazy duz it cc

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Building a Chevy Stroller and a Bond That’s Unbreakable http://www.lowrider.com/rides/building-chevy-stroller-bond-thats-unbreakable/ http://www.lowrider.com/rides/building-chevy-stroller-bond-thats-unbreakable/#respond Wed, 19 Oct 2016 12:00:38 +0000 http://www.lowrider.com/?p=207498 Building a Chevy Stroller and a Bond That's Unbreakable

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In 2009, Wayne was in Downtown Santa Barbara with his family when he spotted someone pulling their kid in a “bombita” stroller. Once that happened, he was in complete awe and at that moment he knew that he had to have one.

1937 chevrolet stroller side view

“I pictured my daughter in it and told myself that I needed to get her one,” he tells LR magazine. That very afternoon, Wayne jumped online, found the exact stroller on Craigslist, and picked it up for $300. OK, well maybe the one he bought wasn’t exactly like the one he had seen, because the one he bought was in complete shambles and nowhere near decent.

1937 chevrolet stroller seat

The following year, the stroller had undergone a complete restoration and the final product was clean enough to show. Soon thereafter they took to the biggest show in Santa Barbara and wound up placing First in their category and also landing an award for “Outstanding Display.” This fueled Wayne’s fire, and six years later what you see here is the final product.

1937 chevrolet stroller top back side

When asked what motivated him to build this stroller, he talks much like any father who loves their child. He talks about the pride he takes in being a father, but also mentions that he wanted his daughter to grow up “in,” and not just “around,” the culture of lowriding. Since then, his daughter continues to enjoy the scene and though she’s outgrown the stroller rumor has it that we might just be seeing her at a showing soon with a lowrider bike of her own.

We’ll keep you posted.

1937 chevrolet stroller head light 1937 chevrolet stroller garnish engraving 1937 chevrolet stroller engraved headlight garnish

1937 Chevy Stroller

Vehicle Nickname
Minnie Mouse Bombita

Sherlene Duarte

1937 chevrolet stroller sherlene duarte

Santa Barbara, CA


1937 chevrolet stroller minnie mouse skirts 1937 chevrolet stroller front side quarters 1937 chevrolet stroller trunk

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2016 Brothers Truck Show http://www.lowrider.com/events/2016-brothers-truck-show/ http://www.lowrider.com/events/2016-brothers-truck-show/#respond Tue, 18 Oct 2016 20:00:39 +0000 http://www.lowrider.com/?p=207440 Brothers Trucks prove once again why they can't be topped

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For the past years we’ve become regulars at the Brothers Truck Show—and all we can say is that we’re proud to have witnessed its substantial growth. With over 500 pre-1987 Chevy trucks in attendance, it made their 18th anniversary show the biggest one to date.

2016 brothers truck show laid 3100

So, how did it get started? Well, it all began when brothers Jim and Steve Flanders—along with their crew—decided to start a get-together, and in turn they created what can easily be called the largest classic Chevy truck show in the world.

2016 brothers truck show super charger 2016 brothers truck show groupe car club 2016 brothers truck show grey c10

With plenty of shade, the grounds at the Canyon RV Park in Anaheim was packed with laid and lifted Chevys, as well as top pickings of GMC truck and Suburbans. There were plenty of vendors on hand, selling everything from apparel to performance parts, and no shindig would be complete without plenty of food and cold drinks.

2016 brothers truck show brown c10

By day’s end, spectators and competitors gathered as Brothers Trucks handed out an assortment of trophies, including Best of Show, Ugliest Truck, Brothers Choice, and Club Participants. The truck that wins “Best of Show” also lands a feature in the Brothers Catalog, and that alone is a pretty big accomplishment since they print more catalogs than some smaller publications.

2016 brothers truck show 3100 yellow hot rod 2016 brothers truck show 502 engine 2016 brothers truck show black k5

To sum it all up, this show is the biggest and best pre-1987 Chevy truck show there is. They feature just about every style of truck but there’s definitely more room for lowrider-style trucks, so be sure to sign up and represent. If you need more information on the show or truck parts, log onto www.brotherstrucks.com for more information.

2016 brothers truck show rv canyon

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TK Kennedy’s 1964 Chevy Impala Convertible http://www.lowrider.com/rides/cars/tk-kennedys-1964-chevy-impala-convertible/ http://www.lowrider.com/rides/cars/tk-kennedys-1964-chevy-impala-convertible/#respond Tue, 18 Oct 2016 12:00:12 +0000 http://www.lowrider.com/?p=207103 California Hustle

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When TK Kennedy watched his friends immerse themselves into lowriding, there was something magical about. At a young age, he soaked in all of the action and soon enough connected with lowriding, and the passion hasn’t stopped. “I remember watching my friends cut springs and heat up springs on their front lawn,” TK tells LOWRIDER. “Anything they could do to get their cars lower to the ground they did.”

1964 chevrolet impala front bumper

Yet as time passed, he didn’t realize the affect those experiences and memories would have on his life, until the ’90s that is. It was then that he learned more about hydraulic setups, and the rest, as they say, is history.

So when it came time to find a car for himself, TK looked just about everywhere and that’s when he came across a 1964 Chevy Impala convertible that caught both his eyes, and ears. You see, at first sight the convertible looked much like any other 1964 but it was what was under the hood that really fired him up.

1964 chevrolet impala eemco aircraft hydraulic setup

Tucked neatly inside the engine bay was a 375hp LS engine and that was enough to get TK to pull the trigger. By now most of our readers know just how important the LS motor is to the scene. It’s become the new standard when it comes to motor swaps, and with good reason. The LS motor is reliable and it’s a powerplant that was initially introduced in 1997 to power the Corvette. Soon thereafter, in 1998, they moved that motor over to the F-body, which is the Camaro and Trans Am platforms. The architecture of the LS series makes for an extremely strong engine block with the aluminum engines being nearly as strong as the iron generation I and II engines, so having one isn’t an option but more a necessity.

1964 chevrolet impala front seats

Once the Impala was back at his house, it was time for TK to rid the car of any impurities, so he started by correcting any blemishes and then added some of his personal touches. When it came time for him to juice it, he opted for a one-of-a-kind aircraft setup in the trunk, which is highlighted by the color-matched Adex dumps. Zenith Wire wheels help transfer power to the ground and in all it exhibits a mean stance and a clean look that’s refreshing and inviting.

Overall it’s one fine example of a lowrider and seeing it in person is simply unbelievable. As with most lowriders, pictures do this car absolutely no justice, so be on the lookout for this show vehicle at a show near you.

1964 chevrolet impala passenger side front view 1964 chevrolet impala rear bumper 1964 chevrolet impala driver side rear quarter view

1964 Impala convertible by Chevrolet

Vehicle Nickname
California Hustle

TK Kennedy

1964 chevrolet impala tk kennedy

Charlotte, NC

Volkswagen Harvest painted by Brent Reese, murals by Sal Elias

1964 chevrolet impala zz4 ls1 engine

ZZ4 LS1, polished aluminum heads, EPWI roller rockers, S&P fuel injection, S&P pulleys, dual alternator setup, 605 power steering setup, aluminum radiator, CPP custom disc brakes, dual electric fans built by Manuel Rojas

Eemco aircraft setup, four pumps, four Adex dumps, six Optima batteries, 8-inch cylinders in the front and 12-inch cylinders in the rear, suspension done by Brent Reese, molded rearend by No Joke Customs

1964 chevrolet impala ford rear end

Fawn color, 1964 hardtop interior kit from Ciadella Interiors installed by Tha Connection

Sound System
owner-installed Kenwood head unit and components

1964 chevrolet impala convertible front bumper

Zenith wire wheels and Firestone tires

TK wishes to thank his wife, Keri, and daughter, Kendall, along with Brent Reese, Sal Elias, Manuel Rojas, No Joke Customs, and Sheen Jones. Having an Impala this flawless with a motor that boogies is a huge responsibility and one that TK is proud to take on.

1964 chevrolet impala air filter 1964 chevrolet impala control arm 1964 chevrolet impala air tank

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1966 Lincoln Continental – Yin & Yang http://www.lowrider.com/rides/cars/1966-lincoln-continental-yin-yang/ http://www.lowrider.com/rides/cars/1966-lincoln-continental-yin-yang/#respond Mon, 17 Oct 2016 20:00:41 +0000 http://www.lowrider.com/?p=207400 Ever since he saw his first Lincoln Continental convertible, Craig Montgomery swore that he would one one day.

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We live in weird times.

If you don’t believe me? Then take a minute to observe your average 17 year old.

Much like being in a zoo, it’s interesting to see them interact in this new age habitat and what you’ll probably find is a demonically possessed teen that’s glued to their smart phone. Their days are spent texting instead of talking, taking selfies with facial expression that make them look like they’re suffering from seizures, and then there’s the emojis and codes that are suppose to represent feelings – SMH.

1966 lincoln continental convertible dropped top

But that bizarre lifestyle doesn’t define every teen in America. There are those who still believe in hard work and perseverance and Craig Montgomery is a prime example. He’s a young blood with an old soul and for Craig, life was very different at that age. At 17 he was breaking his back working at a factory, and it was that strenuous life that offered much difficulty – but Craig was able to make the most of a bad situation.

It was that positive attitude that’s carried him throughout life, and it’s probably also what led him to the love of his life. It was in that same factory parking lot that he ran into a 1966 Lincoln Continental and it was game over. “A guy there had a ’66 Continental and once I saw the top go down I told myself that I would get one someday.” A few years later, he spotted a yellow 1966 convertible that was up for sale and it turned into an automatic sale.

1966 lincoln continental convertible back side

Upon taking it home, that’s when he decided to restore it and paint it white. Six months later – and already happy with what he had – he drove by a black one and thought to himself that it would be great to have two Continental convertibles. Needless to say, his timing was perfect. The owner of the black Lincoln was getting married so he needed the money; and while Craig initially thought the owner was a fool to sell the car to get married, he was in no way about to talk him out of the deal so he did what anyone in his shoes would do, he bought it.

Upon inspection, the black Lincoln needed a to have the engine, transmission and drive train rebuilt, so that’s exactly where he started. With the rebuild complete, he mated all that reliable power to a set of 22-inch wheels and an airbag setup to set it off. In conjunction with that build, he also has his white Lincoln restored to original condition and the pair makes for the best of both worlds.

1966 lincoln continental convertible dash

As a result of him staring at his completed cars, he looked at his pair of convertibles and decided to name them Ying and Yang. Appropriately enough, the name is perfectly suited for the duo simply because Ying and Yang represent the fact that seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be interconnected and complementary. To be honest, there is not better way to name the pair simply because they offer the best of both worlds. From one being stock, to the other being laid out, it’s a perfect representation of his positive outlook and life and serves as the perfect way to show his own duality.

1966 lincoln continental convertible quarter panel emblem 1966 lincoln continental convertible helo dub wheels 1966 lincoln continental convertible quarter panel

1966 Lincoln Continental

Vehicle Nickname

Craig Montgomery

1966 lincoln continental convertible craig montgomery

Levittown, PA


1966 lincoln continental convertible drastic club plaque

Stock 462

Axalta black

1966 lincoln continental convertible front bumper


Black leather

1966 lincoln continental convertible passenger side

Stock stereo

22-inch Helo wheels with Hankook tires.

1966 lincoln continental convertible head lights

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Add Style to your Tri-Five Chevy with Eddie Motorsports Billet Goodies http://www.lowrider.com/how-to-tech/aftermarket-parts/add-style-to-your-tri-five-chevy-with-eddie-motorsports-billet-goodies/ http://www.lowrider.com/how-to-tech/aftermarket-parts/add-style-to-your-tri-five-chevy-with-eddie-motorsports-billet-goodies/#respond Mon, 17 Oct 2016 12:00:16 +0000 http://www.lowrider.com/?p=207256 Tricking Out Your Tri-Five

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Regardless of whether you are planning out a fresh new build or updating your current ride, there’s one thing for sure, well-designed, cutting-edge parts can add plenty of visual appeal. The team at Eddie Motorsports has been engineering custom billet components for the automotive enthusiasts since 2009, utilizing their state-of-the art CNC mills and lathes to produce plenty of products for a number of Chevrolet classic models.

Since the popularity of the Chevy Tri-Five Bel Airs have grown on the lowrider scene as of late, we got a hold of a project Bel Air build to give the car an injection of style, contacting Eddie Motorsports for their complete offering of billet aluminum upgrades. Being able to jettison mundane parts that were totally devoid of style in their factory form will make a big difference on this finished product.

Starting with their billet hood hinges crafted from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, it was time for the factory stamped steel hinges and springs to go. The new hinges feature your choice of finishes, including machined, fully polished, or custom Fusioncoat colors. They come ready to install with all the hardware and choices of stainless steel nitrogen-filled gas support struts available in various strengths to support everything from steel to fiberglass and even carbon-fiber hoods. One often-overlooked area always seems to surround a car’s trunk for some odd reason. Often set up with factory hinges and torsional springs, they are far from eye appealing. Eddie Motorsports has come up with expertly crafted one-piece CNC-machined billet trunk hinges supported by nitrogen-filled gas shocks that install in a snap.

Another area where the Tri-Five can benefit from a face-lift was the hood bracing as well as the hood latch, support, and the hood bumpers. Easy removal of the factory parts allowed for the installation of the stunning new billet aluminum pieces to add just the right amount of dazzle to accent the engine compartment.

We wrapped up our installation with a pair of their direct-replacement door handles, also machined from solid billet aluminum. Thanks to the ease of the following installation steps, it didn’t take long for all the enhancements to add just the right amount of allure to the Bel Air.

eddie motorsports billet goodies

Here’s a sample of the showcased polished billet parts available for your Tri-Five from Eddie Motorsports. Included are hood and trunk hinges, door handles, stainless steel hood adjusters, hood brace and side supports, and the hood latch and support.

eddie motorsports billet goodies stock hood brace and side supports

01. It’s a good idea to note your hood fitment prior to removal. It’s also important to have help during the hood removal process. Here you can see the stamped steel stock hood brace and side supports in place along with the hood latch.

eddie motorsports billet goodies brace and side support rivets

02. This close-up lets you see that the brace and side supports were set in place at the factory using rivets, which will need to be removed for our installation.

eddie motorsports billet goodies factory rivet removal

03. With masking tape and a felt tip pen, we marked the rivets needing to be removed. We got started using a small air-powered cutoff wheel to begin the removal of the factory rivets. Note that the hood is resting atop a padded stand. We are all about safety, so don’t forget to wear eye protection while performing this process.

eddie motorsports billet goodies main brace removal

04. Once the rivets were removed, Newell used a small circular grinder topped with an 80-grit disc to deburr and clean up the area. With the rivets removed from both sides of the hood, he then followed with a slotted screwdriver to pry the hood sides and the main brace apart.

eddie motorsports billet goodies hood latch rivet removal

05. Next, to complete the removal of the hood brace, the two rivets securing the hood latch mechanism to the front of the hood were removed using a small cutoff wheel. The areas were then deburred and cleaned with an 80-grit disc.

eddie motorsports billet goodies stock hood brace and latch

06. Here you can see the stock hood brace and latch removed from the hood.

eddie motorsports billet goodies factory hood latch

07. With the factory hood brace removed, the hood latch is still part of the unit. This will also need to be separated.

eddie motorsports billet goodies rivet grinding

08. We continued on with the small circular grinder to remove the remaining rivets, in order to separate the brace from the hood latch.

eddie motorsports billet goodies cnc hood brace and side supports

09. You can see just how cool the new highly polished CNC machined hood brace and side supports are, machined from billet aluminum and treated to cutting-edge styling.

eddie motorsports billet goodies support bracket install

10. We began assembly of the new hood brace using the supplied hardware. Here we are attaching the new polished support bracket to the side of the hood brace.

eddie motorsports billet goodies hood brace

11. The simple, clean installation looks trick once in place. With the Eddie Motorsports hood brace installed, you can appreciate the immediate difference the well-designed part makes.

eddie motorsports billet goodies hood brace support install

12. We then followed by installing the complementing polished billet hood brace supports. With the new parts installed, it’s easy to see just how cool they look and how alluring they will be once the car is put into final paint.

eddie motorsports billet goodies factory hood hinge and spring

13. Next, it was time to remove the factory stamped-steel hood hinges and springs. In order to install the new Eddie Motorsports units, the pictured seam on the firewall running parallel to the hinge mount required trimming with a cutoff wheel to prevent it from interfering with the actuation of the hinge strut.

eddie motorsports billet goodies cnc machined hood hinges

14. Here you can see the expertly crafted CNC machined hood hinges made from high-quality 6061-T6 billet aluminum. The hinges come with polished stainless steel nitrogen-filled gas struts and sealed bearings and are available in varying strengths to accommodate all types of hoods, including steel, fiberglass, and carbon-fiber.

eddie motorsports billet goodies hood hinge mounting hardware

15. The hinge was then installed using the supplied polished stainless steel mounting hardware.

eddie motorsports billet goodies hood mounting

16. With assistance, the hood was then mounted to the new hinges and adjusted for fitment. There’s no better way to add just the right amount of brilliance under the hood than by replacing the mundane stock stamped-steel hinges and springs with these units from Eddie Motorsports.

eddie motorsports billet goodies hood hinge

17. There’s no better way to add just the right amount of brilliance under the hood than by replacing the mundane stock stamped-steel hinges and springs with these units from Eddie Motorsports.

eddie motorsports billet goodies hood adjusters

18. To add even more allure under the hood, Eddie Motorsports machines these trick polished stainless steel hood adjusters that look slick and will never rust or corrode. They are also available in a machined finish.

eddie motorsports billet goodies door handles

19. Tired of looking at your boring stock door handles? Check out these cool units crafted from solid chunks of billet aluminum. They’re one-piece, have a wicked look, and are available in polished or a machine finish.

eddie motorsports billet goodies door handle install

20. Being the new units are a direct replacement for the stock handles, installation is a snap. The new handles have an added bit of glamour for your project or completed car, giving it a well-deserved enhancement over stock.

eddie motorsports billet goodies trunk hinge kit

21. If you’re working hard to make a statement with your car, you’d better not forget to give the trunk a face-lift. Eddie Motorsports spotlighted the uninspiring stock trunk hinges and torsional springs and came up with a classy alternative. Their CNC-machined solid billet aluminum trunk hinges come in a variety of finishes and include everything you’ll need to complete the job.

eddie motorsports billet goodies trunk hinge shock

22. Here you can see the polished version with the supplied high-quality nitrogen-filled gas shocks for perfect support of the trunklid.

eddie motorsports billet goodies

23. It’s a good idea to have some help when taking on the installation for the trunklid removal and reinstallation. Once you have noted the fitment of the lid, remove it along with the hinges and torsional springs. Our application required a 5/16-inch hole be drilled 3/4-inch from the back of the hinge bracket and 1 3/4-inch down from the package tray.

eddie motorsports billet goodies hinge install hardware

24. The hinges were then installed in place with the supplied hardware.

eddie motorsports billet goodies trunklid install

25. Bolt the trunklid back in place using the supplied new hardware.

eddie motorsports billet goodies trunklid hinge

26. The new hinges have given the trunk area a whole new personality and operate smoothly when assisted by the new nitrogen-filled gas shocks.

eddie motorsports billet goodies hood latch kit

27. Another upgrade was the addition of this trick two-piece polished solid billet aluminum hood latch and support.

eddie motorsports billet goodies hood latch

28. The latch and support are a direct replacement for the stock steel unit and was a simple upgrade that yielded amazing results .

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The 15th Annual Drastic Barbecue http://www.lowrider.com/events/15th-annual-drastic-barbecue/ http://www.lowrider.com/events/15th-annual-drastic-barbecue/#respond Fri, 14 Oct 2016 22:31:08 +0000 http://www.lowrider.com/?p=207328 During the summer heat you'd be hard pressed to get us to go outside much less over to East Coast.

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During the summer heat you’d be hard pressed to get me out of the house, which is why the Drastic barbecue gets kudos for being able to drag me out. This year—more so than ever—their barbecue went down in some of the worst heat and humidity I’ve felt.

15th annual drastic bbq certified car club

While we were all looking for a way to cool down, I’ll be the first to admit that the pain was definitely worth the pleasure of what they have to offer. What started off years back as a picnic has picked up speed and now for their 15th celebration they did not disappoint.

When you consider the fact that the New York lowrider community is far smaller than that of Cali’s, it’s an impressive sight to see. The barbecue went down at the Valley Stream State Park and entry was a single can of food per person. These donations all went to the Island Harvest Foundation and from there they are distributed to feed the homeless and those in need.

15th annual drastic bbq loyalty car club 15th annual drastic bbq drastic car club 15th annual drastic bbq majestics car club

In attendance were many clubs from the surrounding areas, like Certified, Loyalty, Chicanos, Tekniques So Low, Firmes, and a few others. The Majestics from Toronto also showed up with a black 1964 and Skinny’s hardtop 1959 is always a sight to see. Now, when it came time for the hop, Lefty, out of Pennsylvania, brought his blue Cadillac; but at the end of the day it was Andrew and his blue Cutlass that jumped in for the win. Then again, we would have expected nothing less as this is the seventh time Andrew has won the coveted “King of the New York” title.

15th annual drastic bbq red 1963 impala

For food, Bean’s mother made her infamous cake as she has done for years but you have to tip your hat off to the guys who worked the grills to provide free food for the participants. Working the grill is hard enough, but doing so on such a hot and humid day must have been short a few degrees of being a near-death experience.

That said, we wish Drastic the best of luck in years to come and we’re proud to have experienced the love, gratitude, and camaraderie of our East Coast fam.

15th annual drastic bbq line up 15th annual drastic bbq lowrider bicycle 15th annual drastic bbq tangerine regal


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LOWRIDER Essientials http://www.lowrider.com/how-to-tech/aftermarket-parts/essientials/ http://www.lowrider.com/how-to-tech/aftermarket-parts/essientials/#respond Thu, 13 Oct 2016 13:00:11 +0000 http://www.lowrider.com/?p=207228 Car culture is built around the desire to build and create, but along with it comes the never-ending search for parts

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Car culture is built around the desire to build and create, but along with it comes the never-ending search for parts, time, projects cars and of course money. As with all of our home garages, we’re always on the search for the next new thing and below we’ve compiled a short list of some of the hottest products for this month.

While some of these products are car specific, other’s are more universal, so be sure to check out these latest offerings and visit the manufacturers websites to see what else they’ve got for you and your ride.


essientials Hoppos impala carrier bearing

essientials Hoppos heavy duty impala carrier bearing

Are you tired of breaking the carrier bearings on your Impala? If so, then hop on over to Hoppos. They’ve crafted their very own “heavy duty” carrier bearings using 6061 T6 aluminum (Certification paper available upon request), and they’re fully rebuildable and come complete with c-clip retaining ring. The direct bolt on unit promises to offer a trouble free installation and now you can ride in confidence knowing that you’ve got a product which lives up to the Hoppos name.


You’ve just completed an LS3 motor swap but something still isn’t right; and that’s probably because you’ve got a bland looking motor that needs a little oomph in the arena of looks and low-end performance. That said, Edelbrock is here to breathe some life into each of those departments.

Designed for Gen IV engines with LS3, L92 and L76 rectangular port cylinder heads. The Cross-Ram LS3 is a must have for anyone looking to improve performance between 1,500 – 7,000 rpm. The unique dual-plenum design features 13″ long runners with flanges that will accept two, 90mm GM LS3 throttle bodies. In addition, the unique cross-ram dual-plenum design is ideal for twin turbo applications. When matched with high flowing air filters and inlet tubes, the dual-plenum system gives neck-snapping performance with plenty of options for engine builders and tuners. Dyno testing resulted with gains of 27 horsepower and 28 ft-lbs. of torque over a popular aftermarket manifold.


essientials amsoil grease gun

The new AMSOIL Deluxe Grease Gun Kit is must for any garage of shop. Their new grease gun provides improved performance and added functionality, thus making the job of greasing equipment even easier. The unit develops up to 3,500 psi, ensuring grease is adequately applied to the application and the two convenient grease-distribution options (flexible hose and rigid pipe) help as well. The pistol-grip design and rigid hose allow one-handed grease application, while the flexible hose eases access to hard-to-reach locations. Some added features include a plastic tip cover to protect against debris and an easy-to-use plunger simplifies loading.


essientials eddie motorsports handle

Eddie Motorsport’s new billet aluminum interior door handles are a necessary addition to any show car. Precision CNC machined from high quality 6061 T6 aluminum, the new interior door handles are a custom alternative to cheap pot metal interior pieces. Door handle and window crank models are available along with new matching window vent cranks! The door handles come with heavy duty brass 16 spline insert which prevents wearing out and stripping, a common occurrence with original and imported handles. The handles work with 1/2″ splined shafts and feature a large 2″ round base plate to cover the upholstery cutouts from most existing OEM handles. Available in four distinct designs. Proudly engineered and machined in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

As with most of the high quality billet aluminum parts offered by Eddie Motorsports, the billet interior door handles are available in a bright polished or raw machined finish as well as a variety of Fusioncoat and anodized colors.

essientials eddie motorsports handles

  • Precision CNC machined from high quality 6061 T6 Aluminum
  • Door Handles measure 5-3/4 long
  • Window Cranks measure 5-1/4″ long
  • Window Vent Cranks measure 3-3/4″
  • Large 2″ round base plate to cover most existing OEM cut outs
  • Fit 1/2″ splined GM and Ford shafts from 1949 to present.
  • Heavy duty brass 16 spline insert prevents wearing out and stripping
  • Four distinct styles and seven custom finishes to choose from
  • Engineered and machined in Rancho Cucamonga, California

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Al Corona’s 1972 Chevy Cheyenne – Skanless 72 http://www.lowrider.com/rides/trucks/al-coronas-1972-chevy-cheyenne-skanless-72/ http://www.lowrider.com/rides/trucks/al-coronas-1972-chevy-cheyenne-skanless-72/#respond Thu, 13 Oct 2016 12:00:08 +0000 http://www.lowrider.com/?p=206981 After seeing this C10 in a neighboring parking lot Al Corona swore that if he ever had the opportunity to buy a truck like it he'd jump on it.

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Currently Al Corona is a diesel mechanic, but back when he was a refrigerator technician at Thermo King he spotted this 1972 C10 at the neighboring meat company parking lot. Al and a coworker walked over to take a closer look. They found the truck to be very well maintained. Al told his coworker that if he ever had the chance to own a truck like it, he would jump on the opportunity. A few months later the truck owner was pulling the truck into the warehouse for storage when he asked Al if he knew anyone interested in buying it? “Yes,” Al quickly replied, “I do.” He was the second owner and had the truck since high school but decided to sell it because he was buying the meat company from his boss and needed the extra money. They made a quick deal and signed the paperwork the next day.

1972 chevrolet cheyenne passenger side view

The build started right away and it became a street truck with wheel and airbag suspension. Two years later Al broke the truck down and rebuilt it to be a full show truck. The rebuild began with Corona Custom’s rebuilding the 355 and then having Kreative Koncepts lay the candy paint and tribal patterns throughout the hood, sides, and tailgate. Horacio Ramirez added slash-style stripes with a chameleon candy. Everything that he was able to unbolt was taken to Moreno’s Polishing for the chrome treatment. Prime Time Interiors did the upholstery and Sounds Unlimited did the sound system. Al said that if he had to do it over again he would have gone with a less-is-more approach.

1972 chevrolet cheyenne tail gait 1972 chevrolet cheyenne sinister wire wheel 1972 chevrolet cheyenne grill headlight

1972 Chevrolet C10 Cheyenne

Vehicle Nickname
Skanless 72

Al Corona

1972 chevrolet cheyenne front grill

Hughson, CA


1972 chevrolet cheyenne air filter

355-cid with tall polished aluminum center bolt valve covers, Chevrolet Performance air filter with K&N filter, chrome Summit alternator, chrome Summit high-torque mini starter, Edelbrock endurashine vortech intake, Holley 750cc double-pumper carburetor, HEI ignition, red Taylor 8mm spark plug wires, Flowtech ceramic-coated headers, MagnaFlow exhaust system, and Optima red-top battery

Billet grille by Classic Industries, House of Kolor candy black and candy red tribal patterns

1972 chevrolet cheyenne air bag setup

Firestone airbags, MIC air compressor, and 10-gallon tank

2002 Silverado seats wrapped in red and black leather with a Grant steering wheel

1972 chevrolet cheyenne steering column

Sony head unit with two 1,000-watt Sony Xplod amps and an 800-watt one to power the two 6×9-inch, two 6 1/2-inch mids, and two 12-inch subwoofers

candy red and black 20×9 Sinister wire wheels with 245/35R20 Pirelli tires

1972 chevrolet cheyenne driver door 1972 chevrolet cheyenne al corona 1972 chevrolet cheyenne driver side view

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