I really liked the cover of last month’s issue. It’s very different than the usual Lowrider Girls cover, but I’m feeling it. By the way, how do I become a Lowrider girl?
– Keisha, Bay Area

Thanks Keisha. We decided to mix it up a bit, I’m glad you like it. In regards to becoming a Lowrider girl, please send images to:

Aylen Alvarez
Dayum, now this is what I’m talking about. Yo girl, Aylen Alvarez is screaming sex. Is there any way I can meet her? I think I’m in love man…
-J.T., Bronx, New York

We always love to hear your personal feedback. Whether it’s good or bad, we still want to know what you think, so continue to let us know what’s on your mind and enjoy the rest of the mag.

It’s Me Again
OK, so I wrote you about a year ago after your magazine started turning around, and I first came to tell you that the magazine is improving with every issue. The girls are always hot, although some of the concepts I’m not really a fan of, but I love the magazine and I wanted to know if there are any subscriptions?
-Brandon via the Internet

Mixing It Up
I can tell that you guys are really mixing up the style of your girls lately. I like seeing a lil’ bit of diversity. Keep up the good work.
-Stacy, New York City, New York

New Artist?
Why don’t you guys feature new artists anymore? I used to like reading Lowrider Girls for the new artist that you guys featured, but now I just look at it for the girls. Could you please bring the new artist section back? It gives people like me a time to shine.
– Spike, St. Louis