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Acknowleding those individuals of outstanding merit for their lifetime contibutions to lowriding.

by: “Texas Ed” Zamarron

In today’s society, we’re always demanding bigger, faster and better, and lowriding is no exception to the rule. It’s continuously reinventing itself, from the customized bodies and suspensions to the high-tech powertrains and hydraulic systems. In addition, as new car clubs continue to be formed, some of the established clubs are increasing their membership in the hundreds as they successfully launch numerous chapters worldwide.

Whether small or large, all of these clubs continue the tradition of brotherhood, unity and pride. Even yesterday’s cultural movement is no exception, as it has transformed into today’s mainstream popularity as an automotive entity. But what got us here? Who inspired today’s automotive artists and leaders? Was it a jefe, a brother, a club leader or maybe even a car customizer?

The Lowrider Hall of Fame’s main objective is to reintroduce and, more importantly, exucate today’s enthusiast of its lowrider history and culture. That is, long before the magazine, before the commercialization as an automotive sport, and before the media’s continuous misconception, many were lowriding for club pride, for bragging rights in the streets, for the passion to create automotive art, and of course, for the fine ruca sitting next to you on any given weekend. Others utilized lowriding as a positive tool in political and racial issues of decades past.

Fortunately, there are numerous individuals who fit these descriptions then and now. However, it is crucial to acknowledge those of outstanding merit for their lifetime contributions to the Lowrider Movement. With that, the LHof will continue to strive to bring these humble individuals into the limelight and recognize their influence, not just to the movement and sport, but to its time-honored history.

The LHoF Nomination Committee, consisting of Lowrider Events judges and past honorees, will submit all nominations to the LHoF Executive Committee. These nominees, with a required minimum of 20 years involved in the lowrider culture and/or sport, are reviewed and final inductees are confirmed by the Executive Committee. The category honors as follows:

Recognition of a deceased individual, who has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to the lifestyle and/or automotive sport of lowriding; in regards to leadership, craftsmanship, or lifetime contribution. Does not require 20-year minimum history.

A founder/leader, who has directly affected the course, actions, contributions and positive influence of a recognized and organized group and/or car club.

Designer, builder, artist in creating original and outstanding vehicles. Also, exhibiting these vehicles for a consistent period of time.

A community leader and/or activist with a lifelong dedication of time, resources and heart in contributing, influencing and/or investing directly back into the lowrider community. This category may include individuals who promote lowrider events that simultaneously educate and entertain such community.

Note: The LHOF Executive Committee may reserve honorable mention nominations for reconsideration for one (1) year, of which for 2009, will include Terry Anderson, Noah Hipolito, Alberto Lopez, Mike Lopez, Walt Prey, Michael Tovar and Richard Ochoa, Sr.

In its senior year, the LHoF continues to celebrate and honor its alumni of extraordinary jefes, brothers, leaders and innovators. The Executive Committee proudly recognizes the 2008 Lowrider Hall of Fame inductees: Gary May, Memorial Honor; Kita Lealao, Leadership Honor; Ruben “Buggs” Ochoa, Craftsmanship; and Fernando Ruelas, Lifetime Contributor Honor. On September 20, Lowrider Magazine will present the Fourth Annual Lowrider Hall of Fame ceremony at the Long Beach Hilton in Long Beach, California. Plan to be a part of a historical and emotional night, as the lowrider community community honors its own. Paz