Sometimes, shops ask us how do they get into the magazine. Other times, we hear people say that that the shop that they used didn’t know what they were doing. Our favorite line is “I would’ve done it this way.” With modern technology and the help of digital cameras, we’re able to bring you buildups that people are actually working on without us actually shooting the article. As long as you have decent pictures that are shot in at least a 6-mega pixel quality, there’s a chance that we’ll be able to use your submission in the magazine just the way that this shop did.

Of course, this is no ordinary shop. These pictures were provided by CCE Hydraulics, who broke out a camera while they were working on a big-body Cadillac. They wanted to show us their modern method for extending A-arms. By “modern,” they mean that they’re now extending from the rear of the arm as opposed to the middle or center. Now follow along as the boys at CCE show us their method of modern A-arm extension.