Dustin Pedder, also known by his nickname, “Volo”, has had a lifetime fascination for photography. In 1998, he started taking photography more seriously, shooting subjects involved with the other hobby he was interested in: lowriding cars. Volo would shoot the people and vehicles at local car shows and would post the images up to his own website (elvolo.com), one of the first websites at that time to be dedicated to the lowriding and cruising lifestyle. This caught the attention of a smaller regional lowriding magazine who asked Volo to shoot a feature for their publication. He agreed and his first official magazine photo shoot turned out to be the publication’s next issue’s front cover feature! Volo then moved from Northern California down to Southern California and through his contacts within the lowridingscene, was introduced to the staff at Lowrider Magazine.

Fortunately for Volo, they had an open position in which he interviewed for and eventually snagged the position. To date, Volo has been shooting for Lowrider for over a decade, but has gone on to shoot for various other magazines at the same time. Some of the most prolific people he has shot include Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, and members of the rock group Korn.