Getting our “plaque” is everything, and with two cars plaqued up and another currently under construction, Rosendo Romero of Goodtimes C.C. in Las Vegas felt he needed to find something to fill the void. Having been around dirt bikes and quads all his life, it was a no-brainer to go with a Harley-Davidson when it came time to get a street bike. It was just what he needed and instead of searching the local newspaper or Craigslist he decided to find his Harley at the only place he knew he could count on—a local car show.

While attending the Lowrider Show in Bakersfield, California, he came across a recently completed Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail owned by Mario Espizona. It was the bike’s dramatic paintjob that instantly caught Rosendo’s eye and soon enough the two started chopping it up. With Mario looking for a more family-friendly vehicle (and Rosendo having a 1962 Chevy Impala sitting in his backyard) the potential for a trade was realized, and soon enough, a deal was finalized.

Terry Ainsworth of Three Dogs Custom Cycles had months earlier finished the assembly, which included a custom Samson fishtail exhaust, endless amounts of aftermarket parts, as well custom chrome accessories, and a unique Shotgun air ride system that would give the bike its sleek, lowered appearance. For the bike’s signature look, Mario would contact the one and only Kyle Gann of K Daddy Kuztoms in Bakersfield. Kyle would begin with a House of Kolor Candy Pagan Gold that was immediately layered with Mayan Magenta, Lunar Yellow, and Solar Flair Red, just to name a few of the extensive color combinations. As if that weren’t enough, the elaborate paint scheme would then be tied together with what appears as miles of fine-line pinstriping, adding even more contrasting colors to this vibrant paintjob. With the 21-inch front and 18-inch rear American Wire Wheels installed, the only thing left to do was hit the open highway.

Although, Rosendo would like to give thanks to his wife Jackie, and all his fellow car club members that continuously show support, more importantly he would like to thank Mario Espinoza for having the vision and ability to create such an amazing piece of rolling art.

Tech Specs

Nickname: Sauvecito

Owner: Rosendo Romero

Car Club: Goodtimes C.C.

City: Las Vegas, Nevada

Vehicle: 1995 Harley-Davidson Heritage Softtail

Engine: Original 1995 Harley-Davidson 88-inch twin cam with custom Samson fishtail exhaust

Upholstery: Star Upholstery provided the double-stitched Sandstone leather bike seat

Body/Paint: Kyle Gann of K Daddy Kuztoms laid down the numerous Kandy arrangements that include Pagan Gold, Mayan Magenta, along a vast array of pearls and pinstriping combinations

Suspension: Shotgun air ride system

Wheels/Tires: 21-inch and 18-inch rear 100-spoke American Wire Wheels wrapped with Vee Rubber whitewall tires