In this month’s Shop Talk section, we visited Speedy’s Metal Finishing of Long Beach, CA. Speedy Rodriguez has been in the industry for close to 20 years and has earned a reputation for quality work as one of the Lowriding community’s go-to chrome shops.

Speedy’s has a resume of cars that speaks for itself, in terms of the number of Lowrider greats the shop has helped turn out. Some of these gems include “Cruel Intentions,” “Pura Vida,” “Krazy Kreations,” “Freak Show,” “Game Over,” “Scare Face,” “Most Wanted 69,” “Fame,” “Game Killa,” “Expensive Taste,” “Goldie 79,” “Royal Flush,” “SJ Trokita,” “Dirty Red,” and “R/M Series,” to name a few.

Speedy’s shop not only installs and polishes chrome, they can also handle any trim repair you might need, and they offer a variety of different finishes to satisfy any needs. Customization of original moldings is also available for customers seeking to add more custom applications. With triple chrome show quality finish, you can’t go wrong. If you would like custom chrome plating, Speedy’s is capable of doing just that-as shown in some of the samples.

If you need the trim on your Lowrider straightened out, polished, anodized, gold plated or chrome plated, give Speedy’s Metal Finish a call and make sure to tell him you saw his feature in Lowrider’s Shop Talk!