The ’92 Cadillac on our cover for this June issue comes to us courtesy from the Majestics and brings back thoughts of a brand that was a dignified presence. Many regard this model to be among the last of the best big body styles of it’s kind. These were the “Cadillacs of Cadillacs,” as the ride, comfort, and interior craftsmanship of these luxury liners were unsurpassed by any European or imported car manufacturers. Cadillac’s glory days also brought innovations to the automobile industry that changed the game, too. Automatic climate control, heated seats, auto headlights, first tilt- telescoping steering column, magnetic ride control, and On Star were just a few of the new technologies brought forth by the car maker. In the early days, the cars grew larger and with a larger engine, they needed more effort to hand crank start them and so Cadillac also introduced an electric starter to solve the problem. The brand centered their marketing campaign around women driving their vehicles, in order to prove that anyone could start their automobiles and drive away easily and safely too. It is sad now that the past couple of decades have cemented the void of the large Cadillac designs. You don’t see many of them on the road today and Lowriders own a good percentage of what’s left. Cadillac and their designers were bold and didn’t have to succumb to the designs of their European and import competition, but when they fell victim to decisions by lawyers, accountants, and bankers; General Motors couldn’t afford to hold onto Cadillac without downsizing everything. The new XTS full size sedan seats 4 uncomfortably and boasts about their six Cylinder engine. Why? Hopefully this World Renowned product does not wind up sharing the road Oldsmobile and Pontiac have taken. What happened to American ingenuity and luxury? Cadillac’s aren’t supposed to do 0 to 60 in 3 seconds; they are supposed to recline in comfort and cruise smoothly like the convertible model showcased through these pages. What is a reality through all of this is that the majority of our younger generations choice of cars to build will all have been designed long before they were born; and this goes for all GM’s rides.

While I discussed innovations earlier, we must pay our respects to a true Lowrider innovator, Orlie Coca, who has passed away. He was known as the OG Godfather when it came to Hydraulics and their mass production as he pioneered their development within the Lowrider culture. Orlie had shops from California to New Mexico and was as much of a Business Man as he was a family man; leaving behind a legacy and a void impossible to fill. As a tribute to what he meant to Lowriding, the Lowrider community visited and paid their respects at his hydraulic and classic parts store in Arizona. Various car clubs from all over followed suit, gathering together to caravan through the streets of Phoenix to have a memorial ride by his business and residence. God bless Orlie Coca, his family, and the other Lowrider Hydraulic Pioneers who undoubtedly wait for him way above the Hop Stick in the sky.

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Ride On,
Joe Ray

Who cares about driving with no tags on your plates. Nothing represents your club more than when you’re stopped and pulled over with those red and blue lights on in front of the whole public to see!