Hello out there and welcome to the March issue of Lowrider. Innovation has long been something we Lowriders pride ourselves on, and our impact on the custom paint world is undeniable. We decided to remind everyone about this fact by including a perfect example on our cover; an intricately decorated Monte Carlo from Imperials C.C. The Monte’s detailed maze of patterns and paint brings back memories of Crazy Art Fullington’s style, and also reflects the rich tradition of past beauties brought forth by the Imperials. You just have to wonder when it comes to the cost of an entire paint job like this, if it costs more for masking tape and paper than the rest of the paint materials, labor included! Check out the following pages on this feature, study the detail, and imagine the work hours put forth. It has to leave you wondering for yourself if there wasn’t a mile of tape used and a couple of years of craftsmanship displayed on this ride. It’s good to see that there are still some painters out there that aren’t afraid to put all of their love and care into displaying their craft on Lowriders.

While we are on the subject of paint, it’s important to remember that while the great painters of our culture won’t ever be replaced when they are gone, their art stays behind as a testament to remember them by. Not too long ago, we unfortunately lost the well-known and liked traveling pin-striping legend, Angelo Maisano. This legend and the gallons of paint that he accented hundreds of cars with will be missed; not only because of his tremendous talent, but also because of his sincere character that he brought along with his brushes. Like with the other legends we’ve lost, he won’t be replaced, either, but his memories will always live on through all the cars he touched which are now constant reminders of his legacy. These cars exemplify some good times with a friend who would complement many of his customer’s rides with his own personal love and devotion ― along with an accent of gold leafing. Rest in Peace, Angelo, and have fun with the new paint colors you have up above us now.

Lowrider Magazine was on the scene to take in and cover The Techniques car club as they celebrated four decades of a hard-earned establishment. I know that these guys have been celebrating this event for a couple of years now, too. The big 40th Anniversary Dinner/Dance and award ceremony was held at Radisson Hotel Ballroom in the town of Whittier. Past members, officers, and founders of the club, including family and friends and other invited car club guests got together to celebrate their well-deserved past, present, and strong future. Forty years tells the whole story and all anyone can say or do is have admiration for their existence, stamina, and definition of “Show You How” found on their plaques. Congratulations to Ray and Pete and the rest of the club for their longevity throughout all Lowrider communities.

The Lowrider Tour Stop continued on up to Northern California’s Woodland Show. This annual show stopper comes with a festival type atmosphere that brings back memories of the old Lowrider happenings from this area back in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. The Woodland show had a quantity of quality cars located both indoors and outdoors, with avid and genuine Lowrider fans joining in to support the car culture that is Northern California. There is another world out here also full of traditional ‘60s and ‘70s type rides, customs, and the best of the best when it comes to Bombs too! The show’s theme celebrated 35 years of Lowrider Magazine’s history and it made for a great time, beer garden included. Congratulations and sincere gratitude goes out to Marcella Rodriguez and staff for all the hard work in promoting and producing this annual must-attend event on our Lowrider calendars.

There are a few more added features in Lowrider magazine and bigger changes to come, such as the new segments like “Street Cred,” where we’ll be showcasing the many Boulevards around the planet filled with rides representing their plaques in back windows while the batteries are sizzling. We are also incorporating “Tanks & Tails,” from the guys who love Lowriders as well ― the two-wheeled versions, that is.

Now that the Holidays are out of the way and the wives and families are content with their gifts you handed out from Macy’s, its time to blow all your hard earned cash on that Santa’s sleigh in your garage. Remember, what happens in the garage, stays in the garage!

Until the next trip,

Joe Ray