A two-tone paint scheme adorns the cover of this February 2013 issue of Lowrider Magazine. The paint lies elegantly on Harvey Reyes of the Carnales Unidos’ 1964 Impala; embodying the class and character in which its owner has led the Bakersfield based car club as Club President. Harvey has conducted himself as a true example of what a leader should be and those who surround him in the Lowrider Culture can attest to his dedication. Achieving greatness in life takes blood, sweat, and tears as they say, but if you also have a good heart in all you do ― good things come back to you tenfold. In Harvey’s case, he has achieved much thanks to this attitude and for decades he has continued to watch and help lead the culture’s movement. Recently, he was inducted into the Lowrider Hall of Fame as he also shared and celebrated his club’s 35th year anniversary ― proof that dedication only gets stronger through the years. While he has been involved in the culture for decades, this veteran built and dropped us a cover car to represent fact that his life goes on, just like it did back when he started turning wrenches and scraping bumpers. We send our thanks to him for his achievements and, above all, for the example he continues to set in order to keep Lowriding alive throughout his area.

The Groupe car club hits this month’s centerfold with a “Glass House,” shining bright in lavender multi-color shades of custom paint. Groupe’s latest offering from their vast collection of diverse rides brings back memories of some of their other famous Caprices that once roamed around through the neighborhoods of Boyle Heights and East L.A. back when these big body beauties came off the show room floors. Don’t get me started; I only have one page of room here to preach words from the days of wine and roses.

For those of you enthusiasts out there with the worldview of Lowriding in focus, you are well acquainted with what our riders in the Land of the Rising Sun have to offer. While you might know about what’s going on in Japan, do you know what is happening in France? Check out this crazy Corvair straight from Paris! There’s Lowriders in Paris? Oui! (yes!) We better recognize! Competition and raising the bar in custom builds continues no matter where car shows are at or what the economy looks like in any part of the world.

While our culture continues to evolve around the world, we not only roll forward on our local Boulevards; our continuous cruise rolls down the information superhighway of the Internet as well. This has been quite a change to adapt to ― especially for an old-school guy like myself. I was a truck driver for most of my life before I was blessed to become the editor of the magazine that chronicled the Lowrider Culture I loved, and I was also an 8 track tape player type of guy who found it hard to make the change to cassette tapes in my rides. Now you can’t pick songs on 8 tracks, so imagine us cruisers out there just driving around and killing time until the perfect theme song for our Boulevard cruise came on! It seems funny now, but that was life. When CDs came out! My mind was blown. I thought it was the greatest thing ever that you could hear Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” in one tap of a button instead of waiting to rewind and guess where the next song ended on a cassette. Same thing goes for today’s Internet, when I realized that I don’t have to wait for worldwide info on what’s new in Lowriding today, I can simply log on to social media! With sites like Lowridermagazine.com, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can literally get up-to-the-minute news on what is going on in the Lowrider world in between monthly releases of our magazine issues. We’ve worked hard to make our site compatible with these social networks and our forum is constantly packed with discussions on buying tips, building tips, and just about anything you want to know about Lowriding or our magazine issues. If an old-school guy like me can recommend logging on the Internet to stay informed, imagine how great the experience will be for our more savvy readers and community members! While the technology is ground breaking, we aren’t going anywhere as a monthly magazine, so rest easy. Social Media is a great addition to Lowrider Magazine but it is not a replacement! There’s nothing like opening the mailbox, getting the latest issue and thumbing through the pages to see the latest and greatest in the slow and low world. It’s okay to remain old school, just remember that contrary to Led Zeppelin’s beliefs, “the song doesn’t have to remain the same” ― you can also stay in touch with the culture today by using your fingertips on a computer keyboard.

We also toured the factory where OG Abel puts out the hits, not at his DJ booth in Vegas, but in his t-shirt design factory. The man is blessed with talent, and not just the artistic kind, either. If you have a chance to meet him or sport one of his beloved designs on your shirt or Lowrider, you will come to understand that one of the greatest assets of this artist is his humble spirit. He’s one of the more respectful guys you will ever meet, and there’s a whole lot of love in who he is and the designs he creates. Give his article a read and I’m sure you’ll agree. n

Joe Ray