This new January issue of Lowrider Magazine reminds us that yet another year has passed. This annual calendar shift finds us looking forward to having an even better year this year as we group our resolutions together in hopes of actually following them this time. It is a time of reflection and resolve in which we vow to spend more time with our family and friends instead of the garage, go on a diet to lose weight so we can look better wearing our club colors, or quit smoking and drinking. If nothing else, I send a holiday cheer to all the guys out there whose resolution this year is to finally finish their dream ride. Happy New Year!

As another year scrapes by and we continue to evolve, I want every one to know that something is possible now that I never once imagined. You can carry the entire library issues of Lowrider Magazine in your pocket! The application is called Zinio, and it is a Publishing Technology that distributes printed material from Lowrider Magazine in a digital format. In fact, Zinio is more than a mobile reading application, because you can get the same creative digital editions of Lowrider put to your iPhone, Android, iPad, Mac, or PC. From desktop and laptop, the Zinio application allows you to not only read your favorite magazine, but also to zoom in on the photos to enlarge them so that everything looks like our actual fold-out centerfolds! You can email an image to a friend or post it on your favorite social site. We encourage our tech savvy readers out there to try the app and give it a spin. You won’t just read the mag; you will experience it! The world has certainly changed from the old days when a VCR was a thousand dollars! Visit:

For our classic enthusiasts out there, it’s time to get your pick-up trucks and trailers ready, as Lowrider will present an upcoming series called “In Search of the Chrome Classics.” This series will encompass everything you need to know when you go out hunting for the right car for your dream build; like the traditional American Lowrider style cars built by General Motors and Ford that were popular back in decades past as they were a true testament to the spirit and imagination American cars once had. The craftsmanship, style, and design of these machines not only captivated automotive fans from their respective eras; they remain very popular today when it comes to the styles preferred by traditional Lowriders. The late ‘60s and early ‘70s models of Caprice, Riviera, Grand Prix and Monte Carlo have become a staple in our community and are meant to be preserved and enjoyed by anyone who loves cars. As time goes by, these “boats,” as some call them, are close to 50 years old now and have become dinosaurs to the modern auto enthusiast. Who wants to commandeer a vessel that large and get 10 miles to the gallon in these tough economic times anyway? Lowriders do! The two-door bodies, sometimes in excess of 18 feet in length are ideal because of their size, rear-wheel drive, and ability to allow deep set wheels; a common trademark among many of our Lowrider enthusiasts. Of course, these cars haven’t been produced in Detroit since the late 1980s, making these full-figured cars even harder to find in desirable condition. Even California and the western part of the U.S. has seen a decline in availability, and further eastward; the cars are likely to be ravaged with the cancerous rust that comes along with being parked in more humid climates. These land yachts, like the old muscle-style cars, are eventually going to become extinct as only hobbyists have the inclination to try and keep them alive. All car builders who favor these chrome classics have gone through the nightmares associated with the search for one; leaving behind tales of trials and tribulations relating to title and registration woes, unforeseen gobs of bondo and rust, and the general struggle of finding a diamond in the rough that instead becomes a money pit of epic proportions right before their eyes. Nobody wants to live out those experiences if they can avoid them, so Lowrider Magazine will reach out to our readers in a series of upcoming issues with a “buyer beware” segment designed to help others have a better experience in finding, buying, and bringing home the right car to build for their respective garages. With any luck, we hope to encourage those would-be dream car builders to give their hopes a shot, rather than to be scared away by the horror stories some of the unlucky builders have gone through in the pursuit of automotive perfection.

While mentioning automotive perfection, let’s check out the Lime ‘69 on the cover. These big six-nine Caprices’ can arguably go down as one of the top five Lowrider body style cars of all time. You have a roofline that hangs with the ’68, ’72, and ’76 Glass Houses,’ skirts, hide-away lights, an SS package and lets not forget the detailed design of the oval type creases in the fenders and quarter panels, which back in the days of auto designing meant a lot.

Good Luck in all of your builds because we all need it! Until the next Resolutions…