In this month’s Shop Talk, we took the high road to visit Universal Car Lifts in Waite Park, MN. UCL provides car suspension lift kits to fit those massive 22-inch to 32-inch diameter wheels. UCL has been lifting cars for over 10 years and is recognized by the industry as one of the first providers of complete bolt-on kits for “Hi Riser” type cars, commonly referred to as “Donks.”

The lifted car movement started back in the late 90s to early 2000’s as a down south craze of putting big wheels on Caprices, Impalas, and Monte Carlos. The movement has since grown into a nationwide movement from Cali to Cleveland. “Back then the biggest wheels you could buy were 22s,” says UCL employee Nate Baker. “We had a customer come in to our shop at the time and ask us to put 22s on his box Caprice. He wanted it lifted over the tires. I thought he was nuts!” The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, UCL sells lifts for just about any car on the road. Their focus is on customer service and providing the highest quality lift kits available. UCL also provides step-by-step installation DVD’s for the do-it-yourself types. “We work with our customers to make sure the job is done right the first time,” says Greg Thomas, a UCL sales representative. “Lifting a car is nothing like lifting a truck. Most people don’t realize what it takes to put 26s on a car. These wheels were originally designed for SUV’s and large trucks.”

UCL’s state of the art facility features CNC programed machining, cutting, and welding equipment. Quality control is checked throughout the manufacturing process to maintain consistency. Most of the parts are larger and beefier than truck lifting components. UCL also manufactures grills, wheel dust shields, big brake kits, and distributes a variety of “Donk” styled accessories.

With 10 years of lifting cars and putting smiles on customer’s faces, UCL is quite simply the premier manufacturer of the highest quality bolt-on car lift kits available. If you’re looking to “Donk” out your next project, be sure to give them a call and tell them you heard about them in Lowrider Magazine!