<center><strong>On The Cover</strong><br/>
Striking a pose from the hood of Premier Car Club's '62 Impala is the beautiful Roxanne Bixler</center>


1962 Impala
“The Seventh Letter”

Japan’s Daring ’59 Impala
“Three Dimensional Paint Scheme”

1994 Cadillac Fleetwood Rag
“Le Cabriowood”

1963 Impala
“Alaskan Passion”

1981 Lincoln Mark VI
“The Family Affair”

1985 Chevy Caprice
“Peaches & Chrome”

1949 Chevy 3100 Truck
“Aztek 49”

1953 Chevy Bel Air
“Blue Diamond”

1965 Chevy Impala
“Risky Business”


The Main Event
Kustom Car And Cycle Show

Brothers Classic Truck Show
14th Annual Chevy and GMC Show & Shine

Lowrider Garage


Edelbrock Signature Series
On top of the latest motor trends.

Classic Industries: Billet Hood Hinges
Don’t Hinge your hood on an old bracket.

Shop Talk: Kinetik Battteries
Visiting with the worlds loudest power cell producers



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Lowrider Original: Manual Moreno

35 Years of Lowrider

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