This month’s 35th Anniversary pictorial takes us back to the turn of the millennium, specifically 1999-2000. While the world was gripped with the fear of Y2K, we Lowriders kept it moving on the Boulevards and at the shows, fusing the past and the future all at once. This was a fun time, and we are proud to open up the vaults for you in these pages to give some insight on a couple of cool years in our glorious culture. We hope you’ll take a moment and soak in these pages, which will undoubtedly open a floodgate of memories for some, and hopefully be a history lesson for others.

We realize that we can’t do justice to 35 years of memories in this section alone, so we’ve compiled the best of the best to appear from different time periods over the course of each of the 12 issues for this calendar year, in an effort to share with you some of our favorites. Each issue will focus on a different era, and give you a glimpse of what life in the culture was like back then. It is our sincere hope that these images will restore, renew, and revive the creator in all of you, and bring some history to the forefront of our amazing culture. Here’s to shining the headlights on another 35 years! Remember, this collection will be featured in all 12 issues of this year, so make sure to collect them all!!