In this month’s Shop Talk, we visit the manufaturers of the world’s loudest power cells, Kinetik Batteries. Established in 2003, this brand has made its presence known as Kinetik Power Cells are used by top competitors, along with car audio and video enthusiasts alike. Kinetik HC Power Cells have been used in the “Worlds Loudest Vehicles,” providing the power to reach over 180dB, giving them credit as the driving force behind hundreds of competition victories. Due to the low ESR and high energy density, Kinetik HC Power Cells are the most powerful, reliable, and compact car audio power cells on the market today.

The Kinetik power cells aren’t only designed for audio. As you might have seen from our last Issue, we featured a 1961 Impala that had 12 Kinetik HC series power cells that operated the hydraulic system. With so much voltage incorporated for the hydraulics, you know that the battery of choice would be crucial for any Lowrider. The Kinetik HC power cells are perfect for the daily driver ground pounder as well as the over the top show vehicle. Kinetik is also ideal for the low and slow Lowrider stance as well as the most impressive competition hydraulic set ups. When you buy your next set of Kinetik batteries, make sure to tell them that you saw them in Lowrider Magazine!