This month, we visited the kings of wire wheels, Player Wire Wheels. The Player Wheel Group, LTD., formerly known as Player Wire Wheel, has a variety of products to deliver to you. From their signature Player Wire Wheels to their diverse and unique alloy wheels, as well as their incredible off-road wheels, this is one company that has all your needs covered!

The history of the Player group goes back to B&R Wholesale Tire, a company that was started in the early ‘70’s by the late Ray Starr Sr.; a talented visionary selling used tires out of his garage. Through this company, the successful wheel and tire wholesaler later evolved to form Player Wire Wheels. Ray worked diligently to win the hearts and minds of his customers and the market by introducing a low-priced line of automotive services and products, cutting-edge wheel designs, and the memorable Player Wire Wheels.

Since then, advancements have been made and innovation has prevailed, which has since given rise to Player Wheel Group, the parent company of B&R Wholesale Tire & Player Wire Wheels. Player Wheel Group not only represents 40 years of history and excellence of Player Wire Wheels, but a refined mission and recalibrated scope within the marketplace. They have brought in several designs over the years, maintaining a foothold on the cutting edge of wheel design and function.

Today PWG is focusing their attention on your individual satisfaction as they have stepped up to the plate in developing one-of-a-kind wire wheels. If you call in and would like to have a set of wire wheels made to be anodized, painted, or powder coated to match your car, or if you would like gold plated accents, PWG can produce a wheel for your needs. From alloys to wires, Player Wheel Group is the name to know when it comes to fitting your dream ride with the best in wheel technology and style.