Regardless of whatever paint scheme your dream bike is dressed in, there’s one stock color combination that has captivated us like no other. Orange, black, and white have been a paint trio that defined the ultimate sign of two-wheeled excellence for years. Why? They are the colors of the Harley Davidson logo of course, and a sign that says you have truly arrived as a motorcycle enthusiast. One particular historic icon that flies the Harley flag proudly is the Harley Davidson Springer, a model which boasts the look of the classic stacked springs absorbing the road as it rolls, inspiring cherished images of a time gone by. Joe Sandoval, of Los Angeles, California, has always been into bikes and longed to cruise on one of these storied machines. “I used to have the other kinds of bikes,” says Joe. “I had Hondas and other bikes like that, but I only had those because I couldn’t afford a Harley. Regardless, I’ve had bikes my whole life.” Good things come to those who wait and eight years ago, Joe finally achieved his dream with a swift “to hell with it” attitude as he decided to drop the big bucks needed to get himself what he really wanted; a Harley Davidson. Once he took it for a ride, he knew that he had made the right decision. “I got one Harley after another and I currently have three Harleys now, with a fourth one in the works.”

The Springer model has a long heritage dating back to the ’30s. The bike lends itself well to the Chicano look thanks to its classic styling and old school feel. “The reason why I got a Springer is because they have their own look to them,” he explains. “The whole front end has a lot more chrome on it than other models.” The option of modifying the front end was just the beginning of Joe’s overall vision. In fact, when Joe first got his bike, it looked nothing like it does today. “I took the whole bike apart, the front end, the engine, the back end, and everything. I have friends that were helping me out, but I basically did the majority of it,” Joe says proudly.

Even though Joe likes to floss his bike, it’s more about “the go” rather than “the show.” “I don’t always ride this bike since I have other bikes to choose from, but I do hop on it and go for a ride.” When asked if he ever rides his bike to work, his response was “Are you kidding me? Whenever it’s not cold or raining, I’m on it! I take it to barbeques, parties, and everything.” One thing Joe loves to do is cruise his bike down the Pacific Coast Highway. “There is no feeling like cruising down the PCH. The open highway, next to the ocean, that’s the feeling that I love.” Ride on, Joe!

2000 Harley Davidson Springer
“Mi Vici”

Owner: Joe Sandoval

Builder: Joe Sandoval

Paint: Walter Hernandez at West Coast Auto Body Lynwood, CA. Murals by Renee at No Mercy Air, pinstripes by Curly’s Pinstriping, Paramount, CA.

Wheels: 21-inch front 16-inch rear

Modifications: Accessories by Tammy at Parts Whore in Bell Gardens, CA. Bike detail by Santi at Garfield Bike Detail, South Gate, CA.

Special thanks: Joe would like to thank everyone that helped him out with the bike and he would like to give Rene at No Mercy Air in Los Angeles a special thanks.