This month in Saul’s Shop Talk, we paid a visit to Energy Suspension in San Clemente, CA. This top-notch company has been in the bushing business for years. They make several items, including body mounts, bump stops, control arm bushings, and even tie rod and ball joint boots, just to name a few. Energy Suspension is also known for their chrome motor and transmission mounts, which always seem to find their way into our Lowriders!

Energy Suspension has been in business for over 25 years, specializing and becoming a staple in polyurethane manufacturing, and gaining a reputation as the most requested name in performance polyurethane components today. The company prides itself in their innovations in polyurethane, and their consistently well-built products continue to amaze the people who work with them. The complex and diverse nature of Energy’s proprietary material requires their chemists to dedicate their constant attention to development, and the end results always leave consumers happy.

With over two decades of in-house experience in engineering and formulating a wide selection of polyurethane components for many different industries, Energy Suspension is quite simply the premier manufacturer of the highest quality polyurethane products available today. Now follow along, as we take a tour of the Energy Suspension plant and grab a set of motor mounts and bushings for one of our upcoming projects.