In this month’s Shop Talk, we pay a visit to one of our biggest supporters, and a company that has been with us for over 15 years, Diablo Wheels. The company started off as a retailer, and quickly cemented their legacy as one of the industry’s top wheel manufacturers.

Diablo Wheels was founded in the year 2000, spawned by the vision of business owner Gary Jerjerian. With 25 years in the wheel industry, Gary sought to create a brand that reflected his personal taste and high standards. Under his guidance, Diablo has since risen to become one of the industry leaders in creating unique and innovative wheel styles. While many companies choose to play it safe and copy other popular designs, Diablo has taken the more challenging path to success. Looking towards the future in wheel design, Diablo was the first wheel company to create custom finish accessories and removable inserts. The company’s commitment to innovation remains undeterred, as Diablo’s in-house design department is constantly developing new ideas and styles that will set the trend for this year and future years to come.

The last ten years has seen Diablo solidify their position in the marketplace as an industry leader. Their current styles include the popular Elite and Morpheus models, available in sizes of up to 30 inches! One of their newest and most intriguing products is the versatile Reflection X wheel, which features the ability to change the color and look of the wheel simply by applying artwork to the hidden back of a floating insert. The art is then reflected onto the chrome spoke. Words do not do this concept justice, and the ultimate result just has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated.

With success comes growth, and Diablo is now focusing internationally; increasing their distribution to the Americas, Europe, Russia, Australia and most recently, Japan. Diablo is the only U.S. wheel company with personnel dedicated solely to the advancement of the company within the Japanese market. This allows them to provide their Japanese speaking customers with the highest level of customer service.

In early 2007, Diablo introduced a brand new line of luxury wheels named Gianna Wheels. The line is wildly successful and is steadily growing in demand and reputation. That same reputation is what made Diablo the power player in the wheel market that it is today, so the Gianna line should be just as successful as the other lines of Diablo Wheels. If you’re ever in the Baldwin Park area and are in need of some wheels for your secondary car or your truck/SUV, make sure to drop by Diablo Wheels and check out their full line of products. When you do, be sure to tell them that you read about them in the pages of Lowrider magazine.!