As the winds of March blow, we cruise into this issue by continuing our celebration of 35 Years of Lowrider Magazine. This issue, like the previous two, contains our collectible tribute segment to this milestone; albeit in the form of a pictorial based upon the “New Wave” Era past issues from 1981 and ‘82. The collage of photos serves as a time machine, taking us back to an era that saw Lowriding become stronger and more widely known than ever before. It was a time when General Motors began downsizing some of their most popular models; the Monte Carlo, Buick Regal, and the Oldsmobile Cutlass. The new designs of these integral models became more streamlined in an attempt to placate an environmentally conscious public, wary of high gas consumption and pollution. While they changed in looks, this new generation of models would become as popular today as they were then. Though that time and place of the world was three decades ago, we remember so many iconic moments as if they happened yesterday. Pop icon John Lennon was killed, Richard Pryor’s struggle with drugs came to a head when he lit his hair on fire while high, the first ever Black and Hispanic Barbies were introduced, Three’s Company was the hit TV Show and Cheech and Chong released their second and third movies, while Blondie, The Pretenders, and Devo were in control of the music scene and clothing trends of the time. Though we have come a long way in Lowrider building standards since then; looking through these pages or time machine, you’ll realize that everything else looks the same, except for the style of clothes!

The annual Las Vegas Super Car Show Tour arrived in the high stakes gambling town of Las Vegas once again. With the economy being what it is today, our fears lied in the fact that people only tend to spend money on necessities these days. Would our attendance be down due to the cost of fuel, food, hotels, gambling, and drinks? To what extent would our supporters go in a time when money is scarce and it only gets spent on the priorities in life? As it turned out, Lowriders’ priorities remain clear at all times and the only people who gambled and lost that weekend were the ones who did not attend the show! With close to 900 entries, this show was even bigger than the previous year’s and everyone on hand knew it was travel money well spent. It is true that people do spend their money on necessities and for our culture, Lowriders are one of those necessities and we have pages full of coverage to prove the point!

The Groupe Car Club recently celebrated their 40th Anniversary, which means that the proud plaque they fly in their rides has been spotted countless times in various streets, cities, states, and of course, car shows. You have to pay special respect to any club out there that can exist for even 20 to 25 years, and there are an exceptionally few clubs in existence today who can say that they have surpassed and experienced that kind of longevity. In the early ‘70s, they and the Imperials were a couple of powerhouse car clubs who went neck and neck when it came to show cars; and it’s an honor to say that because of the way Groupe and their standards of old-school rules, quality rides, and tradition have withstood the test of time, the club has been a reflection of excellence within our culture and a blueprint for myself and others to follow. The strong foundation laid by the club’s founding fathers has endured, and the fact that generationally they have maintained a membership like no other club is a testament to that very foundation. Congratulations are in order for Groupe and the 40 years of memories they have had. Of course over that time there have been members who have passed on, but you can be sure that they were there in spirit to help celebrate this special occasion. Long live the Groupe, past and present!

“All That Glitters is Gold,” especially on this month’s cover, thanks to this beautiful Candy Blue ’61 Impala Convertible from Lifestyle Car Club. This ride was perfectly named, and like the photographed images we captured in the studio, it’s also a “Stairway to Heaven;’ just look at the stance it’s in after being dumped down in the back and lifted with a few hits of the switch in the front and with the rag down!

On another note, you guys really have to try out those new Coker Tires; they handle and ride much more smoothly than the old Premium Sportways and they look the same, too. Even better is the fact that the white walls save you time in cleaning, so you can instead use that time to clean your Player Wire Wheels instead!

Ride On,

Joe Ray