As some of you may be aware from our January issue, 2012 marks the incredible 35th Anniversary of Lowrider Magazine. We are not only humbled but excited to commemorate this occasion with you, as it has been our proud duty to serve the Lowrider community with the coverage that it fully deserves. We were there on King and Story, and there on Whittier Boulevard; we’ve been there in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas; we’ve even been there in the streets of Tokyo! Needless to say, Lowriding has seen many changes and spread all across the map since our humble beginnings three and a half decades ago, and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it!

In honor of this anniversary, we dug deep in our archives to bring you some classic images from years past. Now obviously, we can’t do justice to 35 years of memories in this section alone, so we’ve compiled the best of the best to appear over the course of each of the 12 issues for this calendar year in an effort to share with you some of our favorites. It is our sincere hope that these images will restore, renew, and revive the creator in all of you, and bring some history to the forefront of our amazing culture. Bob Marley once sang, “In this great future, you can’t forget your past,” and we couldn’t agree more. Here’s to shining the headlights on another 35 years! Remember, this collection will be featured in all 12 issues of this year, so make sure to collect them all! n

Universal Technical Institute is a Proud Sponsor of Lowrider Magazine’s 35th Year Anniversary.