As we open up the Lowrider Garage this month, we welcome “the power of blue.” Yes, this is the color of melting metal. We received a visit from the crew at Miller Electric. Their expert staff brought out a collection of their newest innovations to help us stay ahead of the curve with the latest in metal fabrication products and tools.

Miller Electric is an industry leader in the manufacturing of arc welders and other cutting equipment designed for manufacturing, fabrication, construction, aviation, motorsports, education, agriculture, and marine applications. The company maintains its global leadership by setting the industry standard for reliability, quality, and responsiveness. The company’s famous tagline, “The Power of Blue,” is inspired by the blue color of Miller equipment.

If you’ll remember, we welded bumpers together in the past, so this year’s round table had us welding up a few other projects. This time around, we took on a simpler welding project; welding up a whammy tank. Steve Hidden, Miller’s Plasma Product Manager, jumped at this chance to show us how to use the latest plasma tool to blow out the hole for the custom fitting we needed to weld in place. All of this work took place on Miller’s latest welding station, which is portable and compact enough to do small projects on the fly. Not your ordinary workbench, the Miller ArcStation is the first-ever workbench designed for welding and metalworking. Engineered specifically for the welding process, ArcStation is just the right height for you to work comfortably, safely, and quickly. You can also customize your workbench with a wide range of handy accessories and organize everything you need in one convenient place. The workbench allows you the option of setting up everything from wheels to X-clamps, for a portable way to hold down what you are welding on.

This year, Miller also brought out several of their latest accessories, which we had to have after only using them once. The comfort-friendly products, including plasma glasses, different style gloves, and welding helmets also focused on practicality and you can see that Miller’s products are truly designed by people who actually use them. We preach safety all the time between our pages so it was a joy to check out the variety of helmets the company brought to our garage. Some of these helmets even featured options to cool you off while you weld, and others, like the entry-level design of the Miller 64 custom offers stylish affordability for the consumer. With new gear coming out all the time, we will have to see what else Miller releases in the next couple of months.

This company began with an innovation that responded to consumer needs, and grew from a one-man operation to the world’s largest manufacturer of arc welding and cutting equipment. We got to test the power of blue first-hand, getting an up close look at how and how easy and user friendly their equipment and welding gear is. Stay tuned for next month’s column; while this was a great way to start of the year, you never know who else will stop by our hallowed shop!