This Year Lowrider Magazine turns 35 Years old! And to celebrate the now cultural automotive sport of our lifetime with our faithful and supportive readers past and present, we present twelve months of magazine Issues that will commemorate archived photos of magazines past. This Collectible edition of Lowrider classic memories will demonstrate why and how we were all impacted for decades by the artistic flavor and style that was and still is personalized on American early year and traditional cars today. Lowrider magazine in its early times was San Jose, Boyle Heights, and Espanola New Mexico. Now Lowrider is Miami, Australia, and Japan. From cragars to wires, visors to skirts, we will go back to the old-school times and see how we as enthusiasts have grown and changed. The Future of Lowriding is in the past! And Lowrider magazine wouldn’t have it any other way. Turn the pages and celebrate who and what we are. The staff at Lowrider Magazine past and present thanks you for your patronage.


<center>Thee original Charlie's Angels</center> <center>They were called Lowrider Happenings! back then.</center>


<center>Where are they now?</center> <center>Disco days</center> <center>Dazed and Confused Camaro</center> <center>Cheech & Chong hitting the switch and hitting something else too!</center>


<center>Blonds & Bombs</center> <center>Taste of Latin Odessa TX</center>