During our visit to Japan, we stopped by Y Tech to visit our friends from One Forty Rollerz Car Club in Fukaya, Japan. Y Tech is a shop in Japan that specializes in hydraulic installations and also performs many auto body and paint duties as well. Yosuke Fukuda, the C.E.O. of Y Tech, generously opened up the doors to his shop to us for a few days. It was there that my vision of the Japanese Lowrider community was altered forever. With the Japanese Super Show only a week away, our friends at Y Tech were pulling all nighters to get theirs and their customers’ cars ready for the big show. My previous vision of the Lowrider community in Japan was that they only knew how to buy cars from the states, but after seeing them work all night performing their own hydraulic installation, body work, paint work, and everything else you can think of, it is very clear that the Japanese are self-sufficient in working on their own vehicles. The respect between their culture and ours is very mutual, and it was very exciting to see how our U.S. Lowrider influence was not only felt, but upheld in the work that I saw being performed at Y-Tech. I want to thank Yosuke Fukuda, Koji Fukushima, Yuzo Nakamura, Kaoru, DJ Kali, Co-Pon and the rest of the One Forty Rollerz and Y Tech staff, for welcoming us into their shop and for upholding the Lowrider tradition of generations past and present.