We have lost our Legendary Lowrider friend Fernando Ruelas from the Dukes Car club. He fought hard against his cancer but decided he could no longer battle against it and so he let go. He now rests in peace with his brother Julio with the Dukes chapter from up above. I was privileged to attend his services, and as I stood there in the back of the room where his services were held, I thought that out of all of the people that came to pay their respects, he loved Lowriding more than everyone that was there. As popular as he was, and with all the beautiful eulogies that were spoken about him, it just wasn’t time yet for all the praises. He loved for people to gather around him but for meetings with club members or stories to tell from his glorious past. He was very young still and would have traded his legacy to be involved with his Family, Cars, and club for a little while longer. Most of us there haven’t got over the fact that his brother Julio has been gone for awhile also. It’s just very hard to know that your eventually going to leave the Lowrider world for a place like heaven, and you would rather make a trade. That was Fernando. We all leave this culture, and some sooner than others, but for a lot of old-school guys, Fernando and his club and family have a lot to do with the history in our culture.

We take so many things for granted and wish we had another chance to appreciate things when they’re all gone. Fernando though, will always be appreciated for everything he contributed, and for years to come too. I know and speak for those outside his club and family. He blessed us all with his gifts of Lowrider knowledge. We are all students of the class he taught and the class he had as the personality and charisma he was. I still don’t believe he’s gone. Unfair as it seems, and as much time that he donated to the world of lowriding, there was more from him to give. He was an encyclopedia of Lowrider history and knowledge, that was unmatched. God Bless you Fernando wish you were here to cruise that Buick one more time!

In this March Issue we bring you the talented craftsman engraver known as David Renteria. He shows us how he instills his creative art form by carving, or cutting text or designs on glass or metals of all kinds. His impressions are permanent just like his humble character.

The Impalas Car Club was founded in the northern part of California over 20 years ago, and since then they now boast having 28 chapters throughout the country. Family and Image are their virtues, and that is how they have become strong and come represented well, through those same ideals in our Car Club segment.

And we have some super extended features on our Coverage of the Super Bowl of Car Shows, the Las Vegas Super Show ! We have a full house of photos for you to enjoy as this event just continues to produce jackpot quality cars that set the stakes high for the next Lowrider car show tours.

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The Premium Sport 5.20 White Wall Tire
When I was at the 2010 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, I had the chance to visit the Booth of Coker Tire Company, and meet up with Owner Corky Coker. What had caught my eyes out of all the thousands of show-displayed Camaros, Lamborghini’s, Dodge Challengers, and aftermarket businessmen, was the diamond in the rough itself! The all new and revamped Premium Sport “5.20 x 14” Lowrider style tire. You guys, like me, would have hugged this Lowrider Classic tire all the way through the parking lot. Your Car Club’s Car committee would immediately approve because of the whitest white walls seen on this beauty; plus we know their tires are easier to clean, too. The black wall side of the tire was also smoothed out with less script to keep it plain and simple, just like the old days’ version. It was too late to take it back to the hotel, so I could bring it back and show you guys, but believe me, Coker really made this product with extra attention to detail.

Corky raved about how proud he is to be able to re-introduce his new product, which he importantly explained was designed like the original from the early ’70’s in looks, but features four-ply construction for increased load capacity on today’s modern Lowriders. He also went on to explain that the old era 5.20s were a very cheaply made type of tire for Volkswagens, and that the Lowrider Industry needed a more quality built tire. Corky Coker continues to be involved in our market because he also happens to be a car buff, and believes in the Lowrider tradition and style, and he will shake your hand to that! Man, I know some of you guys are into your radials and that’s cool too, but a lot of guys went that way because the Original Sportways became so scarce that there were continuous threats of not producing them anymore, let alone the safety factor. To make sure we continue rolling on with our cultural way of life, at least Coker is there to support our tradition of the Lowrider Tire, and we need to give it a look first and then mount those babies after. Thanks!