The 1976 Caprice Classic Landau, or as we call it, the “Glass House,” was an aquarium, thanks to its roof-pillar design, which allowed this big body to house more glass than any other model of Chevrolet. While the view from the inside looking out is stunning, the view from the outside looking in is even better, as this model year has one of the best front grill and square headlight schemes ever. All at once classic and killer, this design trumps many of the other models out there, especially in comparison to the modern styles and designs found today. Trust me, those who do know their cars and builds will not argue this fact. I can say, and maybe some of you will join me in saying, that the Glass House is simply the baddest Lowrider of all time, although I know that there are about a million ’64 Impala fans out there that will “throw stones at my Glass House” theory. I would definitely have had a lot of support for this argument back in the mid-’70’s, when these virtual Humvees were flanking the streets of the earlier Lowrider Nation. These cars dominated the roads, and the freeways, and the bikers couldn’t pass on the side because the Caprice would take up the width of the whole lane! The spacious interior gave the passengers a comfort to die for, especially compared to the folding chair size of the seats found in cars today. I swear you can put a coffee table at the end of the back seat, put a lamp on it, and you could still fit 5 people with TV dinner trays back there! To get that kind of space back then it was the Caprice Classic, today you’d have to use the Chevy Tahoe.

Maclovio “Mac” Garcia is the proud owner/ creator of the “Rag House” we’ve put on this issue’s Cover, and he hails from the Premier Car Club. We’re proud and glad to see this model, as there are just not enough of these rides out there today guys! We all need to gather ’round like spectators in a parade, and watch one cruise by ever so slowly, while hearing the ‘zzzzzs’ noise from the 5.20’s tires as the soothing sounds of “A Love of Your Own” from the Average White Band play in the background. This legendary group is also “premiered” on stage, so to speak, in this month’s Lowrider Music Section. Let’s go out and find these ’74 thru ’76 rides, “Pick up the Pieces,” and put them back together, as there are still plenty of them available and waiting to take over the streets and both lanes with their true wide bodies. On another note though… I’m sure when Maclovio lets that rag down on this featured ride, he must feel like he’s out on the lake somewhere!

Please check out this Issue’s Raza Report, I know that it’s not car related, but the 2010 Census is not only about counting People, it’s about Power, and Money. Census data shapes the future of the communities you live in, and defines your voice in Congress. Every year, the Feds distribute $400 billion in funds based on information provided in the census data. This information helps determine where to build schools, roads, hospitals, child care centers, and other services that help our families.

This issue also features Andy Rivera, who is definitely a positive “Image” that’s been around his Car Club for quite awhile, and that’s a great Reality for his family, friends and club members.

There are also a million Joes out there today, but none bigger than this pioneer, leader, and crafty artist who represents big Texas.

We went down to visit the Lowrider Paint Booth, in this case, the guys at the PPG Tech center at the Inland Empire. This was a science class seminar, taught by the professor and great custom painter, Paul Stoll. Pay attention in this article as he teaches the chemistry behind “Water-Borne” paint, with the help of Kelly and Son as his other great assistants. There are quite a few painters and shops who have adapted to the water based paint, and if your ride is prepped and ready to be sprayed, then get into the mix of things so you can better understand what will be under the clear finish of your paintjob.

Congratulations go out to the members of Santana Car Club, who just celebrated their establishment of 30 years!

Until the next trip!
Joe Ray

Put down the wax bottles men! Take the time to say a prayer for the soldiers who are serving out there in Afghanistan, I know they would much rather be in your garage, helping you take the wax off.