As your Lowrider Magazine editor, one of my fondest duties is to annually announce through our magazine the newest inductees to the Lowrider Hall of Fame. Typically, this happens toward the end of each year, and in 2012, Lowrider magazine will again proudly be inducting four legendary men and their respective legacies into the 2012 Lowrider Hall of Fame. There are quite a few individuals who have met the criteria or guidelines to be nominated and in our pages, you will read about the chosen few who not only met the guidelines and criteria necessary for eligibility, they were also voted in by their Hall of Fame peers to represent this year’s class. A Hall of Fame induction is truly an honor bestowed on only the most deserving candidates, and choosing each year’s class is not an easy task.

We know that there are many other notables out there who have largely been unrecognized in Lowrider History, and it’s sad that they are only known throughout their communities. We want to learn more about these individuals to shed some light on their legacies and discover why they might be eligible to join our ranks in the hallowed Hall of Fame. That said, those leaders from states like Texas, Chicago, Florida, New Mexico, and Arizona who exhibit craftsmanship, leadership and a lifetime of dedication towards this automotive culture and have gone unrecognized throughout the years need to get their just due for helping to keep this culture alive. There are also those who have passed on and left a shining legacy that is still followed today who need to be enshrined with the Memorial Award Honor! Now, the Lowrider Hall of Fame Committee doesn’t expect that these certain individuals who are far away campaign or advertise themselves to be nominated, since usually these special types don’t pat themselves on the back. This leaves us in a predicament because LRM, the HOF committee, and its elected members would love to learn more about these unsung heroes to at least acknowledge and recognize them in the hopes of putting their stories out there for future consideration of induction into the Hall of Fame.

This is why we created the Image and Originals segments of the magazine; we wanted the readers and those interested in how we all got here to come to know those who are responsible for motivating and progressing our glorious culture and movement. We need your help to find these shining stars but before we jump start a campaign to enshrine your brother or neighbor down the street because he’s had a lot of Lowriders in his life, please understand that the criteria it takes to be elected to the Hall has to be met, not just anyone or everyone can be inducted. The Hall of Fame committee and its 18 inducted class members would accept, and genuinely acknowledge your letters or emails written on behalf of certain legitimate individuals who deserve induction in to the Hall of Fame in your eyes. Those letters of recommendation will be sorted out and read to determine whether or not these individuals are worthy of induction. Once again, we all would love to see our very own family member, friend, car club member, painter, or upholsterer voted in, but once the criteria is met, the chosen few still have to be voted in by those already inducted members who are willing to cast their ballots to walk your nomination through the Hall of Fame doors. Send a letter and photos of your Hall of Fame selectee to: 1733 Alton Parkway Irvine, CA 92606, Attn: Lowrider HOF.

We received an overwhelmingly positive response via emails regarding our new segment called “Roll Playerz,” as many of you expressed that the “Big Wheel” rides should be accepted into the magazine because of their close ties and resemblance to the Lowrider Style. A lot of readers also understood and admitted that for Lowrider to have a future, we have to jump on board with the times so that our sport can live, grow, and continue. I thank you for your responses, and as always, your opinions and ideas are always welcomed by me and greeted with the utmost respect. It makes me proud to know that we are all good and a part of the process when it comes to improving Lowrider Magazine!

Regardless of whether you are on your first build or your tenth, don’t forget that we are all the same eye-to-eye, and heart-to-heart. Sure, the quality of our builds may separate us in terms of accolades, but no Lowrider is better than the other just because someone has a nicer car. Every builder has their own wallet, job and resources, but we feel that if you have the same passion as any of the owners of the cover or centerfold features showcased here, then you belong in the magazine. That’s why we have the segment called “On The Blvd.” Everyone has a chance to represent their dream ride as long as it is built with passion, so please email me some hi-res digital pictures of your bad ass Lowrider, along with your city, state, club affiliation, year make, model, and nickname of vehicle; you can even be posing with or without your girl but in either case, you just might see yourself in an upcoming issue!

We, just like you are going through some hard economic times. There are sacrifices being made like never before when it comes to building your dream custom car, but as long as this creative metal hobby continues so will Lowrider. We will continue to change and adapt to whatever the needs are for you, the enthusiasts, and we will also continue to help you become more mechanically inclined to properly budget your weekend garage builds. Purchasing this magazine keeps us alive so that we can promote and inform the world about our favorite pastime and lifeline, and we respect the hard earned dollars that are handed over for our publication. The bottom line is that we do this so that you all can enjoy the cars and our stories about Lowrider culture, but if you have thoughts about changes or additions you would like to see in the magazine, please feel free to let us know. That’s why were here, it’s your magazine; we just publish it.

Take some time to enjoy your car more. Put that five-minute detailer to the side; apply some liquid or paste wax to it because four hours of love on your ride will truly make that plaque in the back window represent your car club to the fullest!


Joe Ray