Anyone can put together a Cadillac Fleetwood Classic, refined, and elegant, the car itself speaks volumes, even as a stock model rolling off the assembly line. It takes a truly creative individual to create a certain personality for this luxury vehicle, and such is the case for 36-year old David “Martian” Holtzman. When he purchased his 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood from a friend, the sole purpose was to use it as a daily driver that would help him get to and from his job. As a Vice President of a drywall and metal framing company in North Miami Beach, Florida, he needed a car that was both reliable and comfortable. That goal was quickly forgotten, and true to his nickname, Martian created “it’s an … ODD World.”

As any custom vehicle builder knows, picking the color of your ride is crucial to shaping its overall identity. After careful consideration, Martian brought his Cadillac to James “Mopar” McHugh, and they chose a gorgeous Daytona Blue with a combination of silver leaf and pinstriping. Martian picked up some blue vinyl from a fabric store and stretched it over the large top of the Fleetwood, perfectly complementing the new exterior paintjob. The front and rear bumpers were both removed and sent out to Action Plating, so that they could be properly coated in chrome.

To fully appreciate the true charm of “it’s an … ODD World,” you must first open the trunk, and see what Martian calls “a work of art.” Tricking out this big body beauty first began when Martian decided to build a creative stereo system. The back deck was built using fiberglass, which was used as well on the trunk sidewalls. A fiberglass wall houses two amplifiers, ensuring that the Fleetwood not only looks mean, but it sounds mean as well. When it came time to give the car some much needed hopping power, the mastery of a two-pump, four-dump Showtime hydraulic setup was installed. “I wanted to step up the game when it comes to setups.” Martian admits, “it was a process but well worth it.” The rack was custom built, as were the panels that housed the batteries. Forty feet of half-inch polished stainless steel hardline was used to run the oil. Martian grabbed a solid block of aluminum, and used a jigsaw to cut and shape it into a Cadillac emblem. A grinder was used to smooth out the edges, making it look as if it came straight from a dealership. On the sidewall of the trunk, he added fiberglass Cadillac logos that fully illuminate, using blue neon lights.

Martian’s Fleetwood took an estimated two and a half years to complete, but the results clearly speak for themselves. This one-of-a-kind Fleetwood is a head turner at any show, and a constant example to other enthusiasts who recognize the value of thinking outside the box when it comes to customizations. Founder and President of 25th Street Riders, Martian is quick to give thanks and credit to all the fellow club members that helped him build “it’s an … ODD WORLD.” Keoni Teixeira, a fellow member even donated a Marvin the Martian refrigerator magnet to Martian, in a respectfully joking gesture that paid homage to his nickname. In his own pure creative fashion, Martian had it chromed and molded into a hood ornament, putting the final touch on this amazingly unique Cadillac. From front to back, Martian’s ’93 Cadillac Fleetwood is truly out of this world.

It’s An…
Odd World

Owner: David “Martian” HoltzmanVehicle: ’93 Cadillac FleetwoodCity/State: North Miami Beach, FloridaClub: 25th Street Riders C.C.

Engine/Drivetrain: 5.7 LT1 350 with painted, chrome and polished engine additions built by James “Mopar” McHugh – Hallandale Beach, Florida; chrome plating by Action Plating – Hialeah, Florida

Body/Paint: Standox Daytona Blue by “Mopar;” silver leaf by Martian; pinstriping by Clay

Interior: Custom plexiglass steering wheel by Martian; Bud Light beer tap handle/gear shifter

Sound System: Kenwood head unit, Clarion DVD player, eight JL Audio speakers, two 12-inch subwoofers mounted in a fiberglass housing in the back deck, two 51/4 JL Audio mids, two JL Audio amplifiers, and an 8-inch Kenwood monitor

Setup: Installed by Martian; two-pump Showtime setup with four Delta dumps, 8-inch cylinders in the front, 12-inch cylinders in the rear, 40 feet of half-inch polished stainless steel hardline piping and fittings, six gel cell batteries, and a 4-switch panel mounted on the dash

Tires: P175/70-R14 Cooper Regent rubber

Wheels: 14×7 100-spoke blue dish OG Wires hand pinstriped by Clay