When the Rollerz Only Car Club began over twenty years ago, founder Troy Staehler couldn’t have possibly foreseen that he would be holding the reigns to one of the worlds’ largest and most influential car clubs. Membership in the Rollerz Only car club has multiplied steadily since the club’s inception in 1988, earning the club a dedicated following that has helped to establish chapters all over the world. This club has quickly crossed over to become a worldwide placeholder in automotive sport culture.

The lowriding community’s sense of awareness and consciousness has finally been portrayed in the mainstream media, making it possible that we will see a commercialization of the sport’s diverse potential. Our culture is a positive culture, and one that many different types of people participate in. A great example of this diversity, Rollerz Only wants to carry the lowriding sport to the next level. They have enlisted entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and even hip-hop artists into their storied club. Each day, Rollerz Only works towards gaining the acceptance of the mainstream, aiming to bring millions, instead of thousands of people, into accepting lowriding as a legitimate sport. Their efforts have shown the public how to get into lowriding from a more responsible economic standpoint, which is very important in these depressed finiancial times. They teach the public to get into the sport slowly, suggesting that it’s best to move up from a bicycle, to an affordable vehicle, before ultimately spending thousands of dollars on a signature model. This helps to ensure that a person can define his or her own individual style without breaking their pocketbook. Rollerz Only also promotes lowriding by teaching. They believe in constantly striving for a better understanding of build techniques, style, and the culture itself. They teach by giving other lowrider enthusiasts advice and referrals, which can help them find credible shops and builders, in order to help them get some quality work done on their respective vehicles.

Manny Farol from the Los Angeles chapter has been the key figure in bringing Rollerz Only onto the World Wide Web. He puts in countless hours on the web to find out the latest news from club members worldwide, and spreads their experiences instantly, allowing the public to see that lowriding is only about good people having a great time. The web exposure has helped the Rollerz Only open several more chapters including: San Fernando, California overseen by Big Phil, Milwaukee, Wisconsin run by Pez, Tokyo, Japan led by Shinji, Sante Fe, New Mexico run by Manuel, Poland led by Marcin, and even Savannah, Georgia presided over by Dirty. Rollerz Only has also recently welcomed Hip-Hop artist Paul Wall, and West Coast rap artist Kid Frost into their family. Last and definitely not least, they would like to welcome Armando, owner of the 2007 and 2008 Lowrider Truck of the Year, and Johnny, who recently opened a chapter in Yuma, Arizona.

Rollerz Only Car Club enjoys seeing lowriding in a positive light, and remains dedicated to watching it grow into a worldwide phenomenon filled with good people, itching to put their own individuality into something positive for the world to see. They feel that there are hundreds of car clubs and thousands of solo riders, and it is everyone’s responsibility to make lowriding fun and inviting. From family and close friends, to the public at large, they maintain a welcoming environment that doesn’t exclude anybody. Through this sense of unity, Rollerz Only is confident that everyone can make the lowriding sport more approachable to the average car lover. They believe that this would be beneficial for everyone involved, and would also help to promote our glorious culture through magazines, car shows, and all lowrider related shops.

The legacy of this five time car club of the year is too great to be fully appreciated at face value. Few clubs have taken on and impacted the world stage like Rollerz Only has in its two decades of service to the Lowrider culture. We are proud to provide some insight into the creation and history of this amazing car club, and you can rest assured that they will continue to give their all to advance our wonderful Lowrider movement.

Rollerz Only Car Club Chapters:
Los Angeles, South Gate, O.C. (Orange County), I.E. (Inland Empire), South County, Central California, Sacramento, Capital City, Bay Area Coast 2 Coast, Valle De Coachella, Central Cal, San Fernando Valley

Yakima Valley, Seattle Washington, Springfield Oregon

Phoenix, Glendale, Yuma.

Las Vegas, Reno

New Mexico
Albuquerque, Southern New Mexico, Santa Fe New Mexico

Denver, Southern Colorado

El Paso, Dallas, Fort Worth, Corpus Christi, West Texas, San Antonio, Houston, Lubbock, Gulf Coast Texas, Amarillo, Austin



Michigan City






Middle Tennessee

New York
Niagara Region

Miami, Jacksonville, Tampa, South Dade, Pensacola

World Wide
Vancouver, BC, Canada, Brazil, Philippines, Poland, Sweden, France, Germany, Japan Tokyo, Japan Osaka