Many of the O.G. lowriders prefer to keep their rides stock or very close to the “off-the-showroom-floor” condition, with very minor (or no) customizations. Often times, it’s just the raw appearance of a classic car, in its super-clean status, that can make cruising it down the street quite an honor for any lowriding vato. For others, it’s those iconic accessories, like the windshield visors or the rear skirts that give it that O.G.-look.

The year was 1977 when David “Lil’ Man” Rivas, of Riverside, California, first came across an issue of Lowrider Magazine. David had previously been in and out of Chevrolets, but after flipping through the pages of LRM, he became very interested in Chevy’s classic car lineup. He began keeping an eye out for one of the most prolific lowrider vehicles to date: the 1964 Impala Super Sport. Time passed and patience paid off when he finally came across his dream car. As luck would have it, David was able to find one right there in his old neighborhood of La Sierra in the city of Riverside, there it was parked outside of a house, rusted and needing work. Regardless of the work needed, David immediately saw the car’s potential and without any hesitation, bought it and began working.

Despite the rust, the Impala coupe was actually in really good condition. The body was pretty straight and the interior, engine and undercarriage were fairly clean. Over the next few years, David did a thorough cleaning and rebuilding of his ride, restoring it to a condition almost identical to that of when this car was first rolled out onto the dealer’s lot in 1964! A look under the hood and undercarriage, one can find that this car could not be any cleaner. Every nut and bolt is brand new – or looks brand new – and there is not a drop of oil to be found. Although David opted not to start chrome plating everything like some lowriders do, as well as many custom car enthusiast would really appreciate the immaculate condition that this [close to] 50-year-old vehicle is in.

David did add some official accessories, but they were hard-to-find ones – even rarities back in the 1960s. A Sony TV with the Sony rabbit ear antenna looks pretty slick sitting inside the ride. Also found throughout the interior: a tissue dispenser, vanity mirror Sanco and rear sunshade blinds.

David was recently talked into taking off the stock rims and O.G. hubcaps and throwing on a set of 13-inch chrome 100-spoke rims. Of course he held onto the stockers and didn’t sell them, but says he does like the look of the 13s on his Impala.

The ’64, known as “Natural Four”, was built up as a family affair. David says all of his family members helped get the ride to the condition it’s in now, either by emotional and/or physical support. David thanks his wife, kids and grandson, Elijah James, and he dedicates this feature to his brothers, Richard, Juny, Larry, Eddie Boy, especially Leonard Rivas, (who inspired David to get into the lowriding scene). David, who is the founder and president of Nosotros Car Club (So Cal), also thanks his fellow club members for their support.

David won’t say what he has planned next for Natural Four – if anything – but with a car this perfect, most people would probably agree that it needs nothing!

OG Big Daddyz ’56
Owner: David “Lil’ Man” Rivas
Vehicle: 1964 Impala SS
City/State: Riverside, CA
Club: Nosotros CC

Engine: The stock `64 Chevy 327-c.i.d. V8 was rebuilt by David in his own home garage.

Body/Paint: Steve Cabrerra (from Steve’s Auto Body in Riverside) and David did some minor bodywork before prepping for paint. The body was already straight and in very good condition. A rare metallic briar brown was the color that David chose to coat the body.

Interior: Alferado of Alferado’s Upholstery in Santa Ana, California, was the man who David put in charge of interior duties. Overall, the original stock interior was pretty clean, so Alferado just replaced the headliner and the carpet and left everything else untouched.

Sound System: Stock

Setup: Stock

Tires: Champion 155/80/13 whitewalls

Wheels: 100-spoke 13×7″ OG Wire Wheels