Memo Acosta, of Bloomington, California, is a trend-setting lowrider guy. This smart, bilingual vato has a good job (he is employed by UPS) and has customized his ’94 Fleetwood to stand out among all the others in the lowriding sea of Cadillacs. His artistic vision has led him down a path where his ride, “El Callejero,” has been at the foreground of uniqueness and has conquered a difficult task of being different than so many Cadillac Fleetwoods with similar customizations. Memo has managed to keep his low ride in a clean, non-radical, customized format that is still able to stop traffic whenever he drives it.

Aside from catching eyes from people on the city streets and spectators at the car shows, Memo’s ride caught the attention of actor Arturo Gil, aka Machete, who has appeared in countless English- and Spanish-language TV commercials, late night talk shows, films, and the Los Angeles-based weekday show Estudio 2. Machete and Memo teamed up for this one-of-a-kind photoshoot near a popular movie location in downtown Los Angeles. Machete even got into a stereotypical Cadillac character, donning an old-school pimp suit and pimp cane.

Memo would like to thank Machete and Vanessa for their time on the photoshoot, his fellow Traffic Car Club members for their help in the buildup of El Callejero, and his wife and cruising partner, Stephanie, for her support. “The best part of all is, when I’m driving down the street and I see smiles and thumbs up from people. There’s no greater feeling than that. This is when you know that all the time and money you’ve invested is worth it,” Memo says.

El Callejero and the Pimp
Owner: Memo Acosta
Vehicle: ’94 Cadillac Fleetwood
City/State: Bloomington, California
Club: Traffic Car Club

Engine: The rebuilt ’94 Cadillac Fleetwood 350-cid V-8 engine was handled by Juan Godina of Godina’s Customs, in Rubidoux, California.

Interior: The stock upholstery was upgraded with the more luxurious Cadillac-style button pillow leather seats, like those found in the ’92 Fleetwoods. This upgrade was handled by Ruben Meda out of his home in San Jacinto, California.

Body: Flaco from Flaco’s Customs, in Ontario, California, did the eye-catching, green-schemed paintjob. A chrome castle grille, rear bumper Continental kit, and extended rear wheel skirts were added by Mario’s Autoworks, in Pomona, California. A 42-inch sunroof was added by Sunroom Performers, in Southgate, California. Mike Lamberson of Draggin’ Lines, in Riverside, California, added his touch with his elegant pinstriping. “Lazie,” from Bloomas, California, added some eye-catching, R-rated airbrushed murals depicting a plethora of sexy women performing various sexual acts.

System: Memo did the sound system upgrade himself by adding a Pioneer head unit, an Alpine V-12 amplifier, JBL tweeter, JBL midrange speakers, and Alpine Type R woofers.

Setup: Keith from Konnected Koncepts, in Ontario, California, handled the custom suspension, adding two 380 VIAIR compressors and one 6-gallon tank. Four dash-mounted switches allow the Caddy to lift up in a split second in the front, back, and/or sides.

Wheels: 13-inch green powdercoated, 100-spoke Galaxies

Tires: Cornell 13-inch whitewalls