The officials who decide the results of a competition, like the one held at our last Super Show, formed the opinion that “The Perfect Score,” the ’58 Impala owned by Chris Roark from Oldies Car Club, was the prized winner of this year’s coveted Lowrider of the Year award and trophy. In my lifetime of competition, when it comes to all lowrider shows, I’ve really never seen a car-building individual like Chris. It would take 10 years to build a ride like this because of the engulfed detail that masters the aqua/turquoise ’58. It would probably take about 10 issues just to cover all of its features.

In this May issue of Lowrider we introduce the proud “Image” of what the Klique Car Club is all about. Jose Martinez has never worn another color except maroon. He’s been a fixture in lowriding since the early ’70s, so be sure to read his prideful story along with one of the “Originals” when it comes to old-school hydraulic pioneers, Houston’s own Shorty’s Hydraulics. This man will stand on back bumper for anyone, including poor children during Christmas when his charity event comes around, like he’s done for the past 17 years.

Get in with the program as our “Car Club” segment joins this month’s featured club: Pachuco. Lean on a lamppost and get a good look at their assembly line and envision what Detroit might have looked like in the ’50s. This well-assembled, family type club can bust out with the best of them when it comes to quantity and quality.

We go coast to coast on car show coverage with Traffic Car Club’s very own Upland Show and the Good Times Car Club’s Florida Show. The Groupe Car Club hypnotizes us with a Candy-flavored Blue Olds Cutlass, and our other featured lowriders include an El Camino, a Glasshouse, Big Bod, Lincoln, and a Radical ’65 pickup.

The ripeness from the agave is the main ingredient when it comes down to the recipe needed for that popular and wild drink they call Tequila, a name that also comes from a town in Mexico. The 3 Amigos Tequila family makers will tell you that the best agave is ripe-not before and not after. Learn why mass production serves up the wrong tradition in our “Raza Report.”

Be sure to check out our annual Wheel and Tire Guide because there are some things that you better know before you get out and roll.

Lastly, our deepest respect and sympathy goes out to the Oldies Car Club for the loss of a member and true friend to the lowrider culture itself. Louie Gonzalez’s memory will last forever, just like the red ’53 that personified him.

God bless the lowrider,
Joe Ray

P.S. Guys, enough with the rim ad complaints! Come on now, let’s not pull ourselves down on companies who help support the magazine. Have you ever looked in the parking lots at any Lowrider shows? Everything is on 22s. Let’s try something new to voice our opinions about, like where are all the paint ads at? After the millions of gallons of automotive paint that we custom-paint our rides with, where are they at in their support of the lowriders in our magazine? We spray multiple colors of their products on our cars like no one else in any other automotive industry, yet they advertise and support them rather than us. WHY?! Complain about that to them, not us. How about the maker of your lowrider, where are they at? How about everything that touches your car, where are those companies at? Yeah, they’re in other magazines. Sometimes it’s us against them in the real world, and us shouldn’t pull us down. We ride together. Let’s stay together. That’s why I’m here. Don’t say it if you don’t know it-email me first.