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Charlie “Lucky” Serna, from Phoenix, always wanted to juice his car with an old-school look and modern reliability. After looking for a shop that could handle what he had in mind, he turned it over to the crew at Empire Customs in Tucson, Arizona.

Lucky decided he wanted a two-pump, four-dump, old-school setup, and the new product line from Black Magic Hydraulics had exactly what he was looking for. At Empire Customs, Jason and Sal hard-lined the setup using over 20 feet of chromed 1/2-inch stainless steel, zig-zag slow downs to match the old-school look. The oil tanks were hand-built steel tanks to copy the OG-style A-6 military oxygen tanks. After they were fitted, they were sent out to get chromed out. Empire also took on the job to hide the setup’s four batteries that were placed behind the custom handmade fiberglass enclosure. After the trunk was fully molded and sanded down to perfection, it was painted to match the car. Lucky then had the entire setup chromed and polished at Don Jose’s Polishing, in Tucson. His passion for lowriding made him build a one-of-a-kind car and setup, which he enjoys every day as his daily driver.

OwnerCharlie”Lucky” Serna

Vehicle’66 Chevy Impala


ClubSlow LaneCar Club