Anthony Delena Jr. has had a fascination with lowriding ever since he was a child. Back in the mid-’80s, his parents would take him cruising in their lowrider car down E Street and Mt. Vernon in San Bernardino, California.

When Anthony was about to graduate from high school, he received a very special graduation present: a ’70 Impala Sport coupe, aka the “Chicano Cruiser.” The ride was not in “show” condition by any means. It was definitely a project car, and he had every intention of seeing it all the way through. Without delay, Anthony began saving money to fix up his newly acquired cruiser and did what he could on his own in the meantime. He was so determined to get this ride completed he even skipped his high school prom to put the money into his paintjob!

Before long, the ride was ready to fly the honorable and respected Classic Memories Car Club plaque. Anthony was the youngest member of the club, joining at the age of 18. Now, six years later, Anthony drives this show-quality ride, catching peoples’ eyes wherever he cruises. He’s gone on to win countless First, Second, and Third Place trophies at various car shows. He gives a big thanks to his parents and to his L.A. area club members for their suggestions and hookups. Anthony says that he plans to build a custom frame for his ride and do a whole new makeover for the car itself. The streets will be eagerly waiting.

Chicano CruiserOwner: Anthony Delena Jr.

Vehicle: ’70 Impala Sport coupe

City/State: Victorville, California

Club: Classic Memories Car Club

Engine: Stock 350-cid, V-8

Body/Paint: A ’04 Chevy Blue with a custom pearl mixture was sprayed over the body’s exterior by Louie, of Louie’s Autobody in Victorville. Craig over at Fine Design in Hesperia, California, added the elegant touches by pinstriping the body’s fine lines. To finish things off with that unique lowriding style, Noel “Left,” of El Segundo, California, airbrushed detailed murals.

Interior: Jose, at A-1 in Hesperia, added the old-school, diamond-tuck upholstery.

Sound System: Anthony did the entertainment upgrade himself by adding 5-inch Pioneer speakers in the doors and 6×9-inch speakers on the rear deck. He also added one of those old-school, highly sought-after color light bars underdash on the passenger side.

Setup: A custom hydraulic suspension, consisting of two pumps and six batteries, was installed by Art at Hoppo’s Hydraulics in Ontario, California.

Tires: 155/80-13 Hercules whitewalls

Wheels: 13×7 powdercoated and color matched with 100-spoke wires