OwnerSam Zuniga

VehicleTracy, California

City/State’86 Buick Regal, “Wild Mint”

ClubNew Style C.C.

They didn’t cut any corners on this soon to be G-body classic. This ’86 Buick Regal owned by Sam Zuniga of Tracy, California, has been turning lots of heads on the show circuit. Sam keeps adding to the car since he broke it out. He already has about two years invested in the engine compartment and keeps making changes and improvements as he goes.

During his upgrades, Sam had the underside of the hood molded by fellow club member “Trino.” Once molded, his other friend “Joser” painted various parts in the engine compartment. “Curly” then striped and silver leafed accents throughout the compartment and even on some of the billet parts.

The small-block Chevy engine was a crate motor purchased through Sam’s local Chevy dealership. The frame didn’t have to be modified, but Sam did have to find the right motor mounts and brackets that would convert the engine compartment from a six-cylinder to a V-8 in order to gain respect in the lowrider world.

Sam’s engine project, which he did himself with help from his brother “Butter,” is still not complete. Sam told us that he still has a few tricks that he wants to incorporate into the engine before we feature his custom Regal for real.

If you’ve ever wondered how we find the cars featured in this and other sections of the magazine, there are a bunch of different ways. Sometimes, people send us images or, as in this case, we actually spot a worthy car at a show. Good luck on catching our attention with your custom engine compartment.