OwnerJohnny Salter

Vehicle’59 Chevy Impala

City/StateSouth Carolina

This immaculate ’59 Impala dubbed “Cloud Nine” features one of the cleanest setups that we’ve seen in awhile. Johnny’s ’59 includes a traditional Pesco setup that he built himself after spending some time researching and tracking down all of the hard-to-find vintage hydraulic components.

The painted trunk compartment holds six 31-series batteries that provide the power for the Pesco 24-volt pumps. The entire setup was detailed and nothing was really left untouched as Johnny had his hands on everything. The batteries were painted to match the exterior, and the racks and tie-downs were chrome plated. The hydraulic pumps were completely taken apart, ground smooth, rebuilt and painted to match the car. Five oxygen tanks were used for the fluid. Each pump received a #8 slow-down, an oil tank and one oil tank reservoir that serves as an oil stabilizer to distribute the fluid to all four pumps evenly, making sure that the pumps don’t push air into the system.

Congratulation, Johnny, on your car that was completely built by yourself and your crew. Keep up the good work. We can’t wait to see this fine ’59 featured in Lowrider.

OwnerGlen Saiz

Vehicle’64 Chevy Impala

City/StatePueblo, Colorado

ClubImpala Fantasy C.C.

While out in Denver we ran into this clean ’64 Impala owned by Glen Saiz of Pueblo, Colorado. The six-four features a clean trunk compartment that has a stealth look to it. The four-pump setup was a collaboration of two different engravers-Robert’s Tires & Wheels in Colorado and Hernan D’Aloia of Hernan’s Custom Engraving in New Mexico. The pumps were placed in such a way as to leave enough room for the sound system to be exposed without taking anything from the hydraulics.

The Xtant sound system that was built by Jesus Garcia and Al Volden of Al’s Creative Sounds of Pueblo includes three 10-inch Xtant rectangular speakers to boom the bass. For mids and highs, a set of 611/42-inch midrange speakers were installed. The whole shebang is powered up by an Xtant X604 amplifier.

This trunk was really clean looking with the batteries hidden behind the upholstered panels that were custom built for the vehicle. This ’64 sounds (and hops) as good as it looks.