Each month in “From the Hood” we bring you one of the sport’s hottest-looking engine compartments. This section highlights an engine that’s been customized and hooked up with performance parts as well as cosmetic components. From The Hood is broken down to include performance parts, pulleys and brackets, engine compartments, induction and ignition systems.

We get asked many times “how do I get into the magazine?” The answer usually depends on the situation. If you’re at one of our shows, we take down your information and get in contact with you. There have been times where we like a vehicle and the owner doesn’t fill out the judging form and we can’t wait around for him or her to show up. This makes it difficult to get in contact with the owner or, as in this case, to feature them properly in our From The Hood section.

We were walking around the recent Las Vegas Super Show when we spotted this orange ’80s “Euro” Chevy Caprice. The car was nice and when we saw the engine compartment we had to take a snapshot. In our opinion, this Caprice has to have one of the cleanest engine compartments for this type of vehicle that we’ve seen. Congratulations to the owner, whoever you are, on being the top dog in the ’80s Caprice category.

The only negative thing that we have to say about this ride is that it’s too bad that the owner didn’t fill out the judging sheet, so that we could get in contact with him and give full props in print. If you feel that you have what it takes to rep your hood drop us an email at saul.vargas@primedia.com.