Vehicle’92 Lincoln Continental

City/StateLouisville, Kentucky

ClubUce C.C.

While on the road this past year, we spotted this Lincoln that had just had a setup installed. The car’s setup looked so clean that we had to give you a sneak peek, as the car was not 100-percent ready, but the trunk was good to show.

When the Lincoln was dropped off at Cool Cars in Louisville, Kentucky, the trunk was bare and in need of some attention. The pros at Cool Cars were put on the job to design and install a trunk worthy of the Lincoln. Derek did all of the fiberglass panels that were painted to match the exterior of the vehicle. Derek had to leave enough room for the three pumps that would be showing on the tubular rack.

Once the panels were done, Trad and Brandon jumped on the building of the CCE chrome Competition pumps. They also plumbed the setup in 3/8-inch stainless steel tubing to complement the finish on the setup.

The build took the guys at Cool Cars one month to build, which is really impressive as they built the trunk from scratch in that time period. Keep up the good work, guys, and definitely let us know when you have another setup of this caliber.

If you have a trunk that you think is worthy of a spotlight in our Dumps & Bumps section, feel free to e-mail photos and basic information to: saul.vargas@primedia.com.

BumpsOwnerTanya Maxwell

Vehicle’63 Impala Convertible

City/StateNorco, California

ClubUltimate Riders C.C.

Tanya’s ’63 is one of the industry’s most respected Impalas as it has a few features that have the people going “damn.” From the chrome frame and floorboards to the LS engine, the car is hooked up. The trunk in this Impala is the same way, from the hydraulics to the custom setup. This Impala is worthy of our Bumps & Dumps department and could be featured in whichever section.

Tanya talked to “V-Max” of Ultimate Hydraulics, who did a custom four-pump setup that includes a square whammy tank that serves as an oil reservoir for the hydraulic pumps. The complete setup was tubed by Jesse Marquez, who did everything in stainless steel. When it was all said and done, it took three weeks to get the hydraulics ready for the next step.

The installation of the audio gear was done in two weeks by Joe Carillo of Custom Sounds in Corona, California, who installed the Pioneer head unit and components. A set of Audiobahn speakers are powered by a Kicker 1,000-watt amp. Joe had to work around the hydraulics setup. The result included removable panels that were painted by Louie Carillo of Louie’s Kustom Colors and accented by pinstriping done by Mike Lamberson.

The result is a winning combination that has the best of both worlds-a modern day sound system with a respectable show setup.