We’re excited about the response to our recent Mailbox redesign, which is intended to provide even more of a showcase for our readers’ beloved rides. We are welcoming multiple photographs of a single vehicle, highlighting areas that may have previously remained hidden. Got a new interior to go with that hot paint job? Maybe you put a few bucks into your sound system, suspension or under the hood? Send us an extra photo or two showing your special upgrades, along with a description of the work done or products used, and maybe we’ll include them in Mailbox.

We’re also looking forward to selecting the next lucky winner in our new “Ruler of the Readers’ Rides” Mailbox Contest. You may have seen our first contest winner-Derek Villar’s ’63 Chevy Impala convertible from Port St. Lucie, Florida-featured in a beautiful full-color spread in our December ’06 issue. At the end of the year, our esteemed editorial panel of automotive experts will select the nicest, cleanest, most outstanding Mailbox entry from the past 12 issues, and arrange a photo shoot of the vehicle with its owner. Who knows, maybe your car will be a star.

All Mailbox submissions should include owner’s first and last name; city and state of residence; and year, make and model of the vehicle pictured. Digital images should be photographed at the highest resolution or quality setting possible in order to be considered for publication. And please make sure that the photograph is well-lit and in focus, and that the entire vehicle (or at least the front end) is visible. We know that not everyone can be a professional photographer, but we hate to see a dark, blurry or poorly centered photograph of a beautiful car or truck that might otherwise have been prime Mailbox material. Email your digital photos to jeffrey.rick@primedia.com or mail your prints to LRM Mailbox, 2400 E. Katella Ave., 11th Floor, Anaheim, CA 92806.