Javier Murguia of Cypress, California, is a man of few words, but the quality of his cars speaks volumes on how he’s a man who can appreciate the finer things in life. These automotive “things” usually come in the form of a classic Chevy ride, such as this ’60 Sedan Delivery. This particular car has been on his mind for several years. “I’d been looking for this car for about 10 years,” says Javier. “I bought the car at the Father’s Day Roadster show in Pomona, California. The car was pretty much done, but I had my own way of how I wanted this Chevy to look like.”

The car is a real looker. As good as these pictures are, the sedan is so much more impressive in person. From top to bottom, inside and out, we were very impressed at how well the finish on the Chevy (with a few modern touches) held together. So what modern touches, you ask? Well, since Javier wanted to drive this bad boy, he had to make sure to upgrade the steering to a custom power steering unit. The brakes have also been upgraded to power disc brakes, so bringing the “bowtie” to a halt should not be a problem.

These days, most people would opt for getting a new ride as their next car, but not Javier, especially when he knows how to find something as unique as this Sedan Delivery. Very few were every built by General Motors. So with a few of today’s mechanical touches, Javier will be all smiles as he turns heads while turning the corner in his “Super Speedy Delivery.”


TechspecsSuper Speedy DeliveryOwner: Javier Murguia

Vehicle: ’60 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery

City/State: Cypress, California

Club: Hawaiian Gardens Perdidos C.C.

Engine/Drivetrain: The sedan has the original 327-c.i.d. engine that’s been upgraded by a set of dual quads and a billet dress-up kit from Zoops. The tranny is a 350 unit and a set of Flowmaster mufflers provides the growl when the Chevy is on the prowl.

Body/Paint: With the body in fairly good condition, Javier had John Lampo do the two-tone scheme of black and silver PPG enamel while Kelly & Son of Bellflower, California, gets a thumb’s up for the classy pinstriping.

Interior: Well, since the car was pretty much done, Javier didn’t have to worry about reupholstering the Chevy; somebody beat him to the punch with a knock-out job doing it in OG black vinyl and cloth.

Sound System: A Kenwood cassette deck and CD changer linked to a 10-disc shuttle keep the inside of the cabin filled with Javier’s favorite tunes.

Suspension: Javier chose to trim the factory coils down a tad for the low stance on the impressive driver.

Tires: 5.20 Premium Sportway

Wheels: 100-spoke L.A. Wire