At first, the Stylistics’ Angel Ibarra wanted to throw a ’57-’60 car show, but since he had never thrown a car show before, he decided to test the waters by throwing a car show that only catered to 1959s and ’60s. This kept the show small and more manageable, and also gave him the chance to name the show “Wing Fest” after these automobile relics that feature winged quarter panels on their iconic body styles.

The show was held in Downey, California, at the Bob’s Big Boy Broiler. “I chose that location because I wasn’t sure how the show was going to turn out and I wanted to get a location where I wouldn’t come out of pocket too much,” Angel says. For being the first show and with no experience in throwing car shows, Angel had a pretty successful event. His show had a lot of support from Southern California and Northern California car owners and enthusiasts.

Angel attributes the success of his show to all the people that he has met throughout the years of showing his own winged-out car. “I’ve traveled a lot to different shows and I’ve met a lot of people along the way. I consider about 90 percent of the people at the shows my friends. It didn’t feel like a car show to me, it felt more like I was just out there hanging out with a bunch of good friends,” he says. Angel knows that it takes a lot of effort and money to travel to car shows and he feels grateful to all those who traveled to show the love and support for him. You can expect a larger location with many more wings and finned-out cars for next year’s show.